When's The Best Time to Charter in Australia?

Thanks to its large size and position on the globe, Australia is perfect for chartering all year round. While the main peak season runs between October and March, different regions offer different conditions making it the perfect all-year-round charter destination.

Not quite sure where to head next? Here are some of our favourite yacht charter itineraries around Australia to consider for you r next getaway.


Sydney | October to March 

As winter begins to set in across the Northern hemisphere, summer rapidly approaches the Southern side of the world. Between October and March, yacht day charters from Sydney are a popular choice. Destinations such as Rose Bay, Palm Beach, Port Stephens or Manly feature heavily on requested charte rs. For those wanting to enjoy a full week of sailing along the NSW coast, one of our most popular itineraries includes:

  • Close to Sydney CBD, the beautiful and affluent suburb of Rose Bay is the perfect starting point for your luxury yacht charter. The clean waters and white sands of Rose Bay beach are ideal for an early morning picnic or a late afternoon dip to cool off from the heat of the day.
  • Nearby Rose Bay is the famous beach of Manly. Spend the day riding the waves before heading to Hugos Manly or Sake for a delicious meal onshore..
  • Next up on the itinerary is Palm Beach. Heading north from Manly, Palm Beach is home to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse, gentle ocean rock pools and plenty of f ine dining establishments. 
  • Pittwater is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Northern Beaches area. From Avalon Beach to Mona Vale and Newport, oceanside dining, fun in the s un and plenty of swimming and watersports await.
  • Located in Cowan Creek, Cottage Point has developed an enviable reputation for being home to some of the best eateries on the Central Coast. Sur rounded by lush waterside bushland and protected by the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, it’s well worth a visit between October to March.
  • As the largest town in Port Stephens, Nelsons Bay is t he perfect place to go whale watching, swim with dolphins and explore the world of soft corals beneath the waves. Home to the lush Tomaree National Park, the iconic Stockton Sand Dunes and lots of adrenaline-fu elled activities such as quad biking, sand boarding and scuba diving – boredom is definitely off the agenda at Port Stephens. Reconnect with nature, catch glimpses of whales and coast your way along to ward your final destination.
  • The final stop on the itinerary is Sydney. Making your way back toward your starting point, soak up sights including the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour and the City skyline before a final dip in a harbourside bay or your yachts spa pool

The Kimberley | May – September 

Home to some of Australia’s most spectacular natural scenery, the Kimberley is best visited between May and September. Home to icons including the Bungle Bungles, the Buccaneer Archipelago and Chamberlain Go rge, the coastline of the Kimberley offers unrivalled beauty and access to some of Australia’s best-kept secrets. What better way to explore Western Australia than on a luxury yacht charter.

  • With its Grand Canyon lookalike, Horizontal waterfall and collection of dinosaur footprints, Broome is the perfect place to start your yacht charter. A gateway into the Indian Ocean, this beach resort t own is a place to enjoy sunset camel rides, bush walks and teal coloured seas.
  • Silica Beach is the next stop on the itinerary – and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. The softest, whitest pure silica san d is gently lapped at by the clearest, bluest waters. Located on Cockatoo Island, it’s the perfect place to sun yourself with spectacular views.
  • The Horizontal Falls are a natural phenomenon created by tidal flows on the edge of Talbot Bay in the Buccaneer Archipelago. As the tide ebbs and flows, massive white water rapids appear perfect for adrenaline junkies.
  • Famed for its vibrant biodiversity and f or being the largest inland reef in the world, Montgomery Reef is two worlds in one. When the tide is in, you can enjoy some of the best snorkelling and diving in the Kimberley. As the tide goes out, corals eme rge from the ocean creating a colourful alien landscape.
  • The Mitchell River is next on the itinerary, taking you to the cascading, 4-tier Mitchell Waterfall. Often cited as being the most beautiful wate rfall in the Kimberley, it’s a fantastic spot to take a dip in the refreshing waters of the Mitchell River and cool off from the heat of the day. 
  • The final stop is at King George Falls, twin 100 f t waterfalls cascading down red sandstone cliffs and into tidal waters. The best time to visit here is during the wet season as this is when the falls are at their most thunderous. As the highest falls in Weste rn Australia, there are only two ways to reach them – by plane and by boat. What better way to finish your luxury yacht charter in the Kimberley than here?

The Whitsundays | June – October 

One of the most visited places in Australia, the Whitsundays, bursts into life between June and October. However, thanks to their Northerly location and the tropical climate of Queensland, there really is no wrong time to visit. January, February, March, April, October, November and December are more prone to rain, while May to August tends to be cooler. If you’re after dry weather, August is the month to visit. T o give you an idea of what to expect on a Whitsundays yacht charter, here’s the perfect week-long itinerary.

  • Famed for being the most popular holiday destination on the Great Barrier Reef, start your journey at Hamilton Island before island hopping your way around the Whitsundays. Refreshing blue waters, white sandy beaches and a whole host of watersports makes this the ultimate ocean lovers paradise.
  • Neck Bay is the next stop on the itinerary. This seldom-visited area on Shaw Island is a paradise for bush w alks, isolated coves and the beautiful Shaw Island Reef. 
  • Next up is Whitehaven Beach. Glistening white sands fringed with vibrant turquoise waters makes this the perfect spot for a day of sunbathi ng. The balmy tropical waters are ideal for snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming, while the stunning bay is ideal for anchoring up overnight.
  • Almost uninhabited and offering up a more rugged look and feel, Hook Island is still largely unexplored. The island hasn’t succumbed to development yet, creating an idyllic paradise full of wildlife, flora and fauna.
  • Bait Reef Lagoon is located just off of Ham ilton Island and is one of the best places to head beneath the waves. Soft and hard corals, an abundance of colourful marine life and gentle currents make it suitable for all levels of divers and swimmers.
  • Living up to its namesake, Butterfly Bay is a haven for butterflies, moths and bees. Head away from the island, and you’ll find excellent diving and snorkelling. Located on the Northern side of Hook Island, it’s a fantastic spot for alfresco dinners under the stars.
  • The most Northerly island in the Whitsundays is  Hayman Island. Surrounded by swirls of blue, green and turquoise waters, the offshore r eef is perfect for snorkelling and swimming. 
  • The final destination is Stonehaven, another popular anchorage point on Hook Island. Jump in your tender, grab your snorkel and explore beautiful reefs , isolated beaches and stunning sunsets over lush foliage-covered mountains.

Luxury Yacht Charters in Australia

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