Visiting Athens Aboard a Luxury Yacht Charter

The turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea are waiting for you, and an Ahoy Club luxury yacht charter is ready to take you there.

A luxury yacht charter in Athens will take you to the best of the Greek Islands. Just off the coast of mainland Greece, you will cruise to the group of islands called the Cyclades – with over 2,200 islands and islets, having only 33 inhabited.

Once aboard, take the time to relax at the yacht’s private bar while taking in the view or allow the dedicated crew to organize a variety of water activities for you. This is in addition to seeing the historic and beautiful wonder, that is the Greek Islands.



One of the world’s oldest cities and Greece’s capital, Athens, is the starting point for your journey on your luxury yacht charter.

With temples and historical landmarks like The Acropolis, seeing the sites of this ancient city is a must before setting foot into the privacy of your yacht for the next eight days. Walking the streets is a pleasant journey with the majority of the centre of Athens only accessible to pedestrians, making it the longest vehicle-free promenade in Europe.

Relaxation is all yours at the end of the day. After a scrumptious meal cooked by your private chef, unwind properly in the Jacuzzi ready for another day of exploring tomorrow.



The diversity of Milos is like nothing you have seen before. As a volcanic island, the rock formations have caused some stunning colours making Milos a gorgeous site, from land or sea.

A must-see is the famous rocks of Kleftiko Beach. Get up close, as you can only do on a  yacht and take advantage of this amazing spot. Make sure you check out the sea caves by snorkelling in these amazing waters. The crew will organise all the gear for you. All you need to do is jump in!

If you are keen to bask in the sun on land for the day, then Milos has over 75 beaches for you to choose from. With each beach being so diverse, it will be hard to choose but all are as equally beautiful and tranquil as the next.

While ending your day with a cocktail on the deck, admire the colourful doors of the fishermen’s houses dotted along the coast before waking up to a new destination tomorrow.


Sifnos is on our Ahoy Club itinerary as it isn’t as tourist-focused as other islands as it is only accessible by boat, making it all the more unique.

Sifnos has some wonderful hiking trails both inland and along the coast such as the Kastro to Chyssopigi walking trail.

Some trails will take you through small villages or wildflower fields. If you love adventure but are not a fan of walking trails, enjoy the watertoys your yacht has to offer for a fun day at sea.

After a hike, take a dip in crisp blue water and relax on the beach in one of the calm coves of Sifnos. Small blue and white villages adorn the coast making it a wonderful landscape to look over at the end of the day. 



One of the most popular islands with tourists, Ios welcomes you with light-coloured sand and clear waters, begging you to jump in.

If you love archaeology, then a walk to the Agia Irini Church is a must-do. Seen on the horizon from the boat, this church was built in the 17th century and is in pristine condition. Alternatively, climb to the top of the Chora for the most stunning views over the houses of Ios.

Wander the cobblestone streets and browse in the gorgeous boutique shops before tendering back to your yacht for dinner on deck with delicious local produce sourced from the island.


Iconic Santorini, you will feel you are looking directly at a photo as you arrive at Santorini as the blue and white landscape is breathtaking!

The famous domed shapes are a sight to admire from the sundeck of the yacht at breakfast and getting on land to explore is a must.

Like all the stops on your Athens luxury yacht charter, the coast is varied with some of the beaches here paying tribute to the volcanic rooms with charcoal, white and red pebbles. This paired with crystal clear water makes the beaches of Santorini a place to soak up the sun.

Walking through the town you’ll find hidden stores and markets, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to taking photos with stunning backdrops. 

Settle in for the night out on deck once you are back on the yacht as a Santorini sunset is not one to miss. With many shades of pink, orange, purple and red, it is not like any other sunset in the world.



The pretty island of Paros is a water sports haven, especially if you love snorkelling and diving as the underwater sights and wildlife are some of the best in Greece. You will want to spend a lot of your visit to Paros in the azure blue waters whether it be for a quick dip or water sports.

Begin your day in Paros with a freshly prepared breakfast and plan with your crew a day of water sports. Let them organize all the gear you need and guide you to the best places.

Put away some time to wander in awe around the picturesque villages before retreating to the cinema room on the yacht for some R & R and tasty snacks.


Blossoming with colour, the bougainvillaeas of Naxos will light up your day against the stunning blue and white backdrop.

Rich in history, this island hosts historic beauty and breathtaking views. No visit to Naxos is complete without climbing up to the highest point to see the views from the Venetian castle.

Another must-see is the famous Portara, the only remaining evidence of a 6th Century BC temple, said to be the Temple of Apollo. 

Float away at the end of the day with an impeccable feast and pair that with some delicious Greek wine – Assyrtiko, to be exact – that you picked up in Santorini.



The perfect stop to end this magnificent Athens luxury yacht charter, Mykonos welcomes you with stunning weather and a glamorous landscape that you just want to get lost in.

The sight of the port is just the right blend of luxury and tradition, with fishing boats gracing the docks.

Make sure you check out the famous site of Molinos de Viento Mykonos which are the windmills by the sea. The iconic landmark can be seen from all angles of the island and is worth seeing it up close.


The Ahoy Club Experience

By being a part of the Ahoy Club experience, you are guaranteed exquisite service, tailored amenities and a professional crew who will look after you every step of the way. By experiencing the Cyclades on a luxury yacht charter, you will see waters that cannot be reached by any other means. Your dedicated Ahoy Club agent and concierge team will ensure everything you need is available and no detail is forgotten for the entire duration of your charter.  Get in touch today to book your next Greek escape

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