A Guide to the Best Islands to Visit in the Bahamas

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The Bahamas are the perfect holiday for groups wanting to relax and unwind. It's very low-key island life style, not a beach club or busy scene like the Mediterranean Many days you won't see other people. Watertoys and a good tender are important and will be used by guests frequently.

Our favourite Spots

1. Highborne Cay
Taking a morning walk from the marina to Horse Shoe Bay is an experience like no other. It is a stunning white beach where you can find some of the best swimming spots around, complete with hammocks and pontoons. Golf buggies are available in case there are guests who would rather not walk. There’s also a small bar at Horse Shoe Bay, open daily from 12 to 6 pm if you want to grab a bite or drink something cold after your walk. Just make sure you call ahead so they know you’re coming to this quiet island - they don't always show up without warning! While you're there, why not drop by Iguana Beach via tender and feed some iguanas? They love their grapes, so make sure to bring them some on your visit!

Norman Cay plane in water

2. Norman’s Cay
A walk from the Port to Cay Beach will be a stunning experience – grab a golf buggy or take a leisurely stroll, once there you can take a dip in the crystal blue waters and soak up some sun on the sandy beach. There are villas and beach chairs for hire so you can make your day extra comfortable. After spending time on the beach, head to Macduff's restaurant just off the shore for some delicious lunch options like burgers, salads and conch fritters! Once full and refreshed why not try snorkelling in Norman's Cay's cut at the site of an infamous plane wreck? Reports say that this was part of Carlos Lehder’s drug transportation between Colombia and America as part of Pablo Escobar's operations. Needless to say, there is plenty of interesting wildlife to see with many relics still scattered about.

3. Shroud Cay & Boot Cay
Winding your way through the mangrove pathways by tender, you will be enthralled with the beauty of crystal clear shallow waters which will lead you to a secluded beach. Shroud Cay provides the perfect opportunity for an invigorating dip in its notorious "washing machine" currents - floating noodles are recommended to help stay afloat! If picnics on the beach is more your style, then head over to Boot Cay for some delicious snacks and picturesque views.

4. Warderick Wells
Taking a morning stroll or hike is the perfect way to start your day in Warderick Wells. You can explore countless trails that meander through the pristine nature preserve for breathtaking views of the ocean and sky. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even snorkel at “the Aquarium” with its magnificent array of beautiful coral and marine life. For an extra-special experience, take a boat cruise along the bays and visit the extraordinary blue whale carcass on the beach. Jet skiing is also available for those looking for an exciting way to explore these crystal clear waters.

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5. Staniel Cay
Staniel Cay in the Bahamas is an amazing place to explore and travel, best known for its offerings of incredible water experiences. There's a small airport east of Staniel Cay, which offers direct flights to Fort Lauderdale and makes it easy to pick up and drop off guests visiting the area. One of Staniel Cay's most popular attractions is Thunder Ball Grotto, where visitors can snorkel through crystal blue waters to see fish, coral, sea fans and other marine life! For those looking to visit land-based attractions, a stroll around the island will do as it's only 2 miles from end-to-end. Another of the most popular attractions is Pig Island. As you approach the colourful island, playful pigs will swim out to your boat, eager for a snack or two! Visitors also have an opportunity to feed the sharks at the port for a close-up view that must be seen to be believed. There's also the Staniel Cay Yacht Club restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious meal inside or have drinks at their rustic bar; it gets quite busy at night since it’s the only restaurant/bar on the island.

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6. Pipe key / Compass cay / Sandy Cay
You can explore the long sand banks, taking up jet skiing or paddle boarding around these clear shallow waters. You'll even have the chance to go swimming with the sharks at Compass Cay and take a break from your explorations to enjoy a beach picnic or some fun fishing. Even better, Sandy Bay can easily be accessed on both large vessels and smaller boats, so it's perfect for every kind of group.

7. Nassau
Visiting Nassau offers a plethora of fun-filled possibilities, even for those looking for a more laid-back time. Whether it’s an epic casino night at the Atlantis, or perhaps splurging on delicious Japanese cuisine at Nobu in the Atlantis. Alternatively, guests can cool off and have an adrenaline rush in Atlantis' Water Park! Revelers can also embark on a fishing trip and explore some of the best spots in the area, perfect for those staying longer than just one day. The must-do activity is lunch or dinner at The Deck restaurant at the Four Seasons hotel. Last but not least, no visit to Nassau would truly be complete without going to Fish Fry area, especially Oh Andros, where some of the most scrumptious conch dishes are served!

8. Rose Island
Rose Island is an ideal place to spend your last evening before you make the morning flight out of Nassau. Located close to Nassau, Rose Island offers a nice anchorage and small beach, making it the perfect spot for you to relax and enjoy the view. From here you can even catch a glimpse of the majestic Atlantis resort in all its glory. The island provides plenty of fun activities while also allowing you to take in some breathtaking scenery.

9. Albany (on Nassau)
Albany is an exclusive private club in the Bahamas with membership costing around US $6,000 annually. Albany offers premium amenities like several restaurants, beaches, golf courses, tennis courts and top-notch fitness centers and classes. There is even a health centre with massage treatments and facial therapy options as well as medicinal IV therapies. If you are renting a yacht to explore the area make sure to check if they have an Albany membership as guests get access with such a membership. If you're planning on staying more than just a week while exploring the island I would highly recommend investing in the membership, but for those that are only around for the week it is likely not worth it in the end.

10. Lyford Cay (on Nassau)
Lyford Cay is a stunning gated community in the Bahamas and a popular destination for visitors. Located right on the edge of Nassau, you can enjoy unparalleled views or take time to relax along the pristine beaches. One of the best reasons to visit is that it has some great bars too! Baha Mar and The Palm Bahamas provide unforgettable locale with their cool bars; try their signature island inspired cocktails after a long day on the beach.

11. Harbour Island
Harbour Island in the Bahamas is a stunning destination for travellers - especially for those seeking a relaxing break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Dunmore Club Restaurant is unmissable with its breathtaking beach views, where guests can hire out beach chairs to enjoy their pre-dinner drinks. There's also an abundance of activities to enjoy, including horse riding and driving around the island on gulf buggies that offer dynamic views and thrilling experiences. Another exciting adventure would be to go swimming with turtles on the way back to your boat and if you're lucky, you'll even spot some dolphins! Plus, with the airport nearby it makes Harbour Island easy to access without any trouble.

12. Abacos
Abacos is known as a boater's paradise and provides breathtaking views of the translucent coves and lagoons. For those who wish to take a trip to this tropical utopia, there are airports located on both Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay, so visitors can easily fly in or out of the area.

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