Cannes Film Festival

Yacht Chartering During Cannes Film Festival

Imagine stepping off a yacht and walking down the palm-lined Croisette boulevard, feeling the glamour in the summer air as stars walk the red carpet just a few meters away from you. Crowds are buzzing and you can feel the excitement of the most glamorous yachting event in the South of France marking the start of the Med summer season.

Not to be missed, every year in May, The Cannes Film Festival attracts the glitz, some of the most famous actors and undoubtedly, some of the biggest and most impressive superyachts in the world.

As the most important cinematographic festival, founded in 1946, the Festival takes place at the Palais de Festivals in Cannes, France and runs from the middle until the end of May, usually interspersed with the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.


A Brief History to Festival de Cannes

In September 1946, actors and filmmakers from around the world made their way down for the very first time, to a charming little town in the South of France. They were not here to discover Cannes nor to sunbathe in the beautiful French Riviera, but to be a part of the first edition of what became a staple event in the cinematography world: the Cannes Film Festival, idyllically born at the end of the World War II.

Throughout its history, the Festival made history.  It set the world of cinema alight and changed the views on films and filmmakers as we know it.

It was at Cannes where renowned directors such as Truffaut, Coppola and Hitchcock made a name for themselves. It was where Brigitte Bardot did her famous bikini walk down the Croisette which supplemented a portfolio of iconic movie moments for many years to come.  And it was what launched Scorsese and Tarantino’s careers, through their controversial wins of the Palme d’Ors in 1976 and respectively 1994.

But Cannes’ importance extends beyond the film industry and award recognition. It even marked the start of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier’s love story, as it facilitated their first meet in 1955.

And whilst the Festival fed inspiration to all the actors of the cinematography stage and their enthusiasts, it did not stop there. The large exposure of the Festival’s platform has attracted countless activists from across the globe into getting involved as a way to make their voices heard, welcoming notable appearances from Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1976 to even Beatles’ John Lennon and Yoko Ono a few years earlier.

Up until this day, the invitation-only event is the pinnacle of glamour on the A-list calendar. And what goes hand in hand with the Cannes Film Festival? Superyachts indeed.  There are very few things that compare to experiencing the magic of this event like chartering a yacht does. And we’re here to tell you why.


Cocktail Parties and Entertaining

Whether looking to host some fabulous cocktail parties for your friends whilst being in the centre of the action, mingle with the stars at the Cannes’ most famous restaurants or watch the stars stepping on the red carpet while you sip on a glass of French Rosé from your own accommodation right at the front door of this event, chartering a yacht during the Festival will always be the ultimate statement.

Corporate Entertainment 

The utmost platform for mixing business and pleasure, organising a corporate charter for your clients on board the newest and largest superyachts at the event creates exceptional brand exposure for your company. It’s a fantastic way of meeting clients, showing them what separates you from others and it’s definitely a memorable event.

Discovering The French Riveria 

Although the Festival’s allure might make it irresistible to leave, booking a yacht charter during the Cannes Film Festival also provides a fantastic opportunity to discover the beauties that the South of France has to offer – and from experience, we think you might like to see for your yourself!

Plan a day trip down to St Tropez, anchor by the Cap d’Antibes one day and enjoy a lunch at the famous Eden-Roc restaurant, where you might be lucky enough to be sat next to one of the stars you admired walking down the red carpet previously. Another beautiful stop you must not miss, Beaulieu-sur-Mer and dinner at the renowned La Reserve and finish strong by spending the weekend at the Monaco Grand Prix!


Although sadly the 2020 Cannes Film Festival edition is not going ahead due to the current coronavirus pandemic, it is not too early to book your ideal yacht to charter it during the 2021 Festival edition that is well looked forward to.

Our Charter Agents will assist you in preparing a bespoke charter experience and ensure you make the most out of the extraordinary destination that the South of France is. Check our France based yacht charter fleet here.