14 Nights in Fiji

Heart shape island in Fiji

• Fiji is going plastic-free.

• Fiji is home to the largest Hindu temple in the Southern Hemisphere.

• Fiji is made up of 332 islands.

• The Fijis flag contains the Union Jack.

• Fiji is home to the Monkey-faced bat.

 A wide white sandy beach to the blue sea under a blue sky

Denarau Marina

Start your Fiji super yacht journey from Denarau Marina located near Nadi. Depart in the morning and sail towards Nadi Bay.


• Indulge in some retail therapy.

• Snorkel and scuba dive the crystal blue waters.

• Enjoy the yacht's water toys.

• Play a spot of golf.

Boats in the port of Denarau, Nadi

Nadi Bay

Distance from last location:


Explore Nadi Bay, a beautiful area with pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters.


• Dive and snorkel the crystal clear waters.

• Indulge in a beachside picnic.

• In the evening anchor in a suitable spot and enjoy a delicious dinner onboard your yacht, prepared by the onboard chef.

Hammock under the palm trees in Fiji

Malolo Island

Distance from last location:


Depart Nadi Bay and sail towards Malolo Island, located in the Mamanuca Islands group. This island offers a mix of relaxation and adventure.


• Spend the day exploring the beautiful coral reefs & swimming in turquoise waters,

• Indulge in water sports activities, such as paddleboarding or kayaking.

• Visit the famous Cloud 9 floating platform, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink, listen to music and soak in the incredible surroundings.

• Anchor near Malolo Island for the night and enjoy a gourmet dinner under the starry sky.

The island of Monuriki, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Monuriki Island

Distance from last location:


Cruise to Monuriki Island, the famous filming location of the movie "Cast Away" starring Tom Hanks. This uninhabited island offers pristine beaches, lush vegetation, and tranquility.


• Take a walk along the beach.

• Snorkel in the surrounding coral reefs.

• Hike to the top of the island for panoramic views.

• Enjoy a beach picnic lunch, followed by some leisure time to relax and soak in the natural beauty of Monuriki Island.

Mountain near the ocean in Waya Island in Fiji

Waya Island

Distance from last location:


Sail from Monuriki Island, another beautiful destination in the Yasawa group. Waya Island is known for its rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, and vibrant marine life.


• Spend the day exploring the underwater world through snorkeling or diving.

• Enjoy a beachside barbecue.

• Take a hike to the island's summit for panoramic views.

• Visit a local village to experience the Fijian culture.

• Enjoy sundowners from the deck at sunset.

rock formations near the water in Naviti Island

Naviti Island

Distance from last location:


Continue your exploration of the Yasawa Islands by visiting Naviti Island. This island offers stunning landscapes, secluded beaches, and opportunities for hiking and nature walks.


• Visit the Sawa-i-Lau Caves, famous for their natural beauty.

• Enjoy a beachside barbecue prepared by the yacht's crew.

• Partaking in water sports activities.

Coastal landscape in Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Matacawa Levu Island

Distance from last location:


Next stop is Matacawa Levu Island which is home to the exclusive Turtle Island Resort (Nanuya Levu Island) where the "Blue Lagoon" film featuring Brooke Shields was shot.


• Visit the Turtle Island Resort.

• Snorkel the coral reefs.

• Meet the locals and enjoy the cuisine.

Limestone formations and coconut palms, Sawa-i-Lau Island, Fiji

Sawa-i-Lau Island

Distance from last location:


Head to the island of Sawa-i-Lau which boasts verdant foliage, and nestled within its mountain lies a wonder of nature - stunningly beautiful caves. These hidden gems are filled with seawater and illuminated by a mesmerizing turquoise hue. Sawa-i-Lau is an alluring atoll in the Yasawa Islands that draws in jet setters from all over the world with its unmatched beauty.


• Swim in the underwater caves.

• Enjoy a walk of the island and take in nature.

• Relax with a sundowner on board.

Sandy beach on Drawaqa Island, Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Yasawa Island

Distance from last location:


Sail towards the stunning Yasawa Islands, a chain of volcanic islands known for their breathtaking beauty. The journey will take a few hours, but the scenic views along the way are worth it.


• Spend the day exploring the white sandy beaches.

• Visit a traditional Fijian village.

• Relax on a white sand beach.

• Enjoy a sunset cocktail on the deck of your yacht while taking in the incredible views.

White sand beach front of palm tree and blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon

Distance from last location:


Experience unparalleled beauty on your adventure to Blue Lagoon. This tranquil resort embodies the essence of Fiji, with a deep connection to the nearby town of Nacula.


• Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or diving.

• Discover the abundance of marine life thriving in the large house reef.

• Unwind with a soothing massage in the tranquil Massage Hut.

The northernmost group of mamanuca islands

Navadra Island

Distance from last location:


Nestled within the Sacred Island group, Navadra Island is a volcanic wonderland that beckons you to explore its pristine beauty. As you approach the island, you'll be struck by the unique anchorage that beckons local fishermen and yachts alike.


• Hike through the island's lush interior.

• Swim the crystal clear waters.

• Relax on the beach and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Beautiful beach with palm trees lounge chairs, beach volleyball net and beach huts in Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Mamanuca Islands

Distance from last location:


Fiji's Mamanuca Islands are so beautiful that they'll make you gasp for air. These islands are a tropical paradise with clear waters, white sand beaches, and lush tropical vegetation. Surfing, snorkelling, and scuba diving are on the cards here, which is only one aspect of what makes this place amazing. The friendly locals and the laid-back Fijian lifestyle create an atmosphere that is hard to resist. Relax and be inspired, whether lounging on the beach or discovering the island's natural wonders.


• Surf the local hot spots.

• Snorkel or scuba dive the reefs.

• Chat with the friendly locals.

Castaway Island, Mamanucas Island Group, Fiji

Castaway Island

Distance from last location:


A seductive tropical haven that provides a wonderful respite from the everyday. Castaway Island is a haven where dreams come true, leaving unforgettable memories of an extraordinary South Pacific retreat. Delve into the mesmerizing world of coral gardens through scuba diving, or embark on a guided hike through the lush rainforest, encountering extraordinary plant and animal species along the way. Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting nearby Fijian villages, where you can experience their rich traditions and bask in their warm hospitality.


• Visit the local village.

• Take a guided hike through the rainforest.

• Scuba dive the ocean floor.

A glimpse into Fijian culture

Tavarua Island

Distance from last location:


Tavarua is a tiny island in the middle of the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji, and it is absolutely stunning. Surfers from all over the world flock to Tavarua to ride the world-famous waves at Cloudbreak, making this somewhat of a surfing Mecca. The island's friendly locals create a genuine and heart-warming culture, giving you a taste of the island's rich and fascinating Fijian culture. The raw and stunning beauty of this place make it one of the most 'Instagramable' places in the Pacific, and with its world-class surf, and warm hospitality, Tavarua is truly something special.


• Surf the world famous waves at Cloudbreak.

• Walk the island and take some amazing photos.

• Swim in the crystal clear waters.

Landscape near the port of Denarau, Nadi

Denarau Island

Distance from last location:


Sail back towards Denarau Marina, but make a stop at Denarau Beach for the final day of your itinerary.


• Spend the day enjoying the pristine white sands and clear waters of Denarau Beach.

• Last chance to enjoy all amenities onboard.

• One last dip in the crystal blue waters.

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