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High-flying garbo Ian Malouf eyes the skies

12 Aug 2019

Fresh from successfully launching a luxury yacht version of Airnbnb and renting his $60 million, 54m boat to James Packer for a month at an estimated €250,000 ($414,000) per week, Ian Malouf has turned his sights to the corporate jet market. Malouf, dubbed “Australia’s richest garbo” after selling Dial A Dump to the ASX-listed Bingo Industries in a $577m deal earlier this year, has plans with his new Central Jets business like those of his nautical Ahoy Club. The latter, launched by Malouf and his family last year, is an online booking platform for wealthy individuals and families who want to charter a luxury vessel anywhere in the world — but with a commission charge significantly less than existing boat brokers.

Cette application est le Airbnb du yacht

7 Aug 2019

Après Airbnb pour les locations d'appartements, découvrez Ahoy Club, l'application qui va vous permettre de louer votre bateau de vacances plus facilement.

This App is the Air BnB of Yachting

7 Aug 2019

After Airbnb for apartment rentals, discover Ahoy Club, the application that will allow you to rent your holiday yacht more easily.

Renting the vacation vessel of your dreams just got easier.

6 Aug 2019

Ahoy Club App lets you charter Luxury Yachts all around the world. Renting the vacation vessel of your dreams just got easier.

Charter a Yacht for the 2020 Miami Super Bowl

25 Jul 2019

Ever dreamed of sailing the side lines of the Super Bowl? Well, now you can. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime: chartering a yacht for the Super Bowl in Miami in February 2020 to experience it in the most exclusive way.

Why your next holiday should be an Ahoy Club Charter.

11 Jul 2019

If you have always dreamed about setting sail and exploring new places, then chartering a yacht is something you should consider. While it is nice to fly to your holiday destination; cruising there on a Superyacht has a charm of its own and is part of the vacation. When you charter an Ahoy Club Superyacht, the journey is the vacation, the places you visit and the activities you participate in along the way! Another benefit of chartering with Ahoy Club is that you have complete control over when you sail, where you sail and how long for, and the best part is you don't need to lift a finger! With each Superyacht coming equipped with a captain, crew and chef - you will be taken care of every step of the way through your chartered course. So, if you're ready to raise the anchor and sail off into the distance, why don't you check out some of the fantastic charter yachts from Ahoy Club? Ahoy Club is a digital charter platform through which you can charter any yacht, anywhere and for the best price. Through Ahoy Club, you will find unbeatable prices on yachts, while being able to choose from over 3,200 options all at the click of a finger! When you sign up with Ahoy Club, you become a part of an exclusive circle of luxury charter enthusiasts who are looking to transcend the every day for unbeatable prices.

Balearic Island Feature: Chartering in Mallorca

5 Jul 2019

The Balearic Island chain of Majorca (Mallorca), Minorca (Menorca), Ibiza and Formentera sit in the western Mediterranean. Each Island is culturally rich, and equally has breathtaking – however each have something completely different to offer making it a recommended Ahoy Club charter trip!

Ahoy Club destinations

26 Jun 2019

Throw the curtains open wide to reveal some of the world's finest views. From discovering Ancient wonders along Italian shores, to watching golden sunsets whilst sailing the French Riviera. Sit back, watch and explore as we dive deep & uncover unforgettable experiences for your next great getaway.

Cruising Croatia

13 Jun 2019

Croatia owns 1,777 km of the Adriatic coast, among which 1,185 different islands are scattered around, resulting in the huge popularity of this area among yachtsmen. The Adriatic coast is rich in beaches, natural harbours with countless bays, ports and marinas. Nowadays yachting enthusiasts travel to Croatia not only from all over Europe but also from all over the world. Thousands of ports can be visited in this region, many of which are well equipped for all types of water tourism.

The Best Way To See The Greek Islands

5 Jun 2019

Greece - once the world's largest maritime empire - still comprises thousands of kilometres of coastline and islands scattered in beautiful azure waters. A well-established system of marinas with excellent services, a unique geographical position, and a mild climate make it possible to engage in yachting in Greece almost all year round. Most of the beaches and marinas of Greece have been honoured with the Blue Flag as resting places that meet high standards of cleanliness and safety. Today, Greece has 19 harbours for 6.661 berths equipped with luxury infrastructure.

Your Guide to Chartering A Yacht in Monaco

1 Jun 2019

Spending a day on the water is arguably the most enjoyable way to relax on the French Riviera. Few people, however, know that you can easily book a yacht even if you decide to do so just the day before. By using the Ahoy Club platform, you can instantly search for available yachts of any type in Monaco or anywhere in the world for your next charter. If you’re not sure about the best yacht to pick, or whether a day charter or longer is best suited to you, you can ask Ahoy’s 24/7 concierge team that’ll be able to assist you instantly.

Sailing in Sardinia

1 Jun 2019

If you decide to make Sardinia your next yachting destination, you will make no mistake. Sitting off Italy's celebrated west coast, the sublime island of Sardinia represents a complex patchwork of Franco-Italian culture. The second largest island in the Mediterranean, with a pearly coastline ideal for soaking up the sultry sun and crystalline water of the deepest blue where every inch of healthy reef is infused with the dream-like beauty of thriving coral beds and diverse marine life

Why Water Sports are a Must For Your Next Charter

1 Jun 2019

For charterers that spend a lot of time in the sea whilst on a yacht, water sports have grown into an integral part of any charter over the past decade. Classics like waterskis, present on almost any yacht, have remained, yet many more exciting options have also appeared over the past years.

Ahoy Club Goes to the Monaco Grand Prix 2019

1 Jun 2019

From the 24th - 26th, Ahoy Club hosted a VIP event to celebrate the 77th Grand Prix Formula One. No race or circuit of the Formula 1 Calendar can truly match the excellence, the glamour and the challenge of the Monaco Grand Prix - and the 77th F1 Edition certainly did not disappoint. With coveted access to the exclusive track side occasion, Ahoy Club VIP's & Charters were treated to a true once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Australia's 200 richest people revealed #159: Ian Malouf

30 May 2019

Ian Malouf founded Dial A Dump in the '80s with a shovel and a truck, and built it into one of the nation's biggest waste management businesses. He debuts on the Rich List after his baby was acquired by Bingo Industries in February. The acquisition, which spent six months under investigation by the competition regulator, netted Malouf more than $300 million in cash and $200 million in Bingo shares. Malouf's interests are now focused on his newly formed yacht charter and sale company Ahoy Club, a fitting investment given his private ownership of a $40 million yacht.

How much does it actually cost to charter a yacht?

5 Apr 2019

Arguably the most enjoyable way to enjoy a vacation, yacht charters are often shrouded in secrecy over what spending is actually involved on them. Weekly charter fees, APAs, crew tips, VAT often lead to complicated calculations, a problem that Ahoy Club has been created to solve and bring transparency to chartering a yacht. Whenever someone decides to look for a yacht to charter, the first figure they are bombarded with is the weekly charter rate. All yachts normally advertise a starting price from which their rates start, primarily as charters during the winter season are significantly less expensive than July or August, which is referred to as the high season.


4 Apr 2019

Here’s why you should make South East Asia your next yachting destination. Through its succulent cuisine and invigorating culture, which has spread worldwide as its best ambassador, South East Asia has long drawn in the most demanding travellers. Now its untouched sandy beaches, rich underwater world and bright green vegetation is pulling in an increasing amount of superyachts, finally opening up the area for superyacht charterers. For the first time in history, the luxurious yacht charters we’ve come to associate with the Mediterranean and the Caribbean can now take place in a whole new scenery, filled with exciting destinations. Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar - those are just a few of the paradise-like spots, which can now be explored through yacht charters offering a whole new view way to experience them.


1 Apr 2019

On Thursday, March 21st, Ahoy Club hosted guests with Ferrari Australasia and The Luxury Network Australia at the Ahoy Clubhouse in Double Bay to celebrate an exciting start to the 2019 Grand Prix Season. Whilst Ferrari showcased some of their exclusive sport cars, including a GTC4LUSSO and a Portofino, Ahoy Club introduced guests to the incredible selection of yachts available for charter around the globe. A prize draw concluded the night where one lucky attendee won an unforgettable experience - to watch the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix aboard the Superyacht MISCHIEF and four nights accommodation at the incredible 5 star hotel La Reserve.

Australia’s Richest 250 #188: Ian Malouf

30 Mar 2019

Having made his $550 million fortune in one industry, Ian Malouf is determined to bust open what he believes is a protected, inefficient industry ripe for the taking in the other – in his own inimitable style.

Ahoy Club Debuts in Style at Dubai Boat Show 2019

27 Feb 2019

Ahoy Club sets sail, bringing the number one digital yacht chartering platform in the world to the Dubai Boat Show 2019.

Ahoy Club is Making Waves

23 Nov 2018

Ahoy Club, a new digital platform that seeks to transform the luxury yacht charter market, is making waves. After more than 20 years of charter experience as a customer and owner, Ian Malouf has decided to turn to digital and app technology to create a completely different approach to chartering and is proud to play his part to cut down the current ‘piracy on the high seas’ as he calls it.

You don’t own this industry and it needs a shake

16 Nov 2018

Ian Malouf states during the Disruptor Debate of the Superyacht Forum that his primary objective is to improve the market and his secondary objective is to make money. “I think we’re portrayed as a one click and you’re there business, but we have a large team and we are a full-service digital platform. We have the cheapest structure in the business and we expect it will go lower before it goes higher.”

Ian Malouf delivers the truth to The Superyacht Forum

14 Nov 2018

On day two of The Superyacht Forum, the industry finds itself under the microscope… Where to begin with our review of day two? With Ian Malouf, of course. Ian’s conversation, which opened day two, was possibly the most candid I’ve witnessed in my eight years attending the forum. And I can’t help thinking that I agree with most of what he said...

Ahoy Club Interview with The YachtGuy

13 Nov 2018

Ahoy Club asks The YachtGuy, what he thinks of Ahoy Club and moving the industry, what trends he can foresee in the near future and finally, whats new & cool in water toys.

Ellie Malouf on what it means to be the #1 Digital charter platform in the world

1 Nov 2018

Ellie Malouf, Global Account Manager of Ahoy Club discusses how, through the modernisation of chartering Ahoy Club's solution is the most efficient, transparent & cost effective solution for both yacht owners and yacht charterers.

Clientele Luxury Global

25 Sep 2018

Ahoy Club connects charterers and their desired vessel with unrivalled simplicity.

Yachting Made Easy

14 Sep 2018

Ian Malouf has brought the efficiency of digital technology to the yachting world with his innovative chartering service, the Ahoy Club.

Mischief Makers

13 Sep 2018

The Malouf family are seasoned yacht owners who are determined to shake up the charter game. The Superyacht Report sits down with the family aboard their 54m M/Y Mischief to find out more.

Day 1 - Ahoy Club at The Cannes Yachting Festival

12 Sep 2018

Join us at the Cannes Yachting Festival, CANTO108 / Port Canto from 11th to 16th September.

Monaco Court Hears Superyacht Case

12 Sep 2018

An interesting case is being heard in the courts of Monaco with an outcome expected just days before the Monaco Yacht Show opens.

Owners Talk Business

7 Sep 2018

Why yacht owners are taking matters into their own hands and setting up shop in the superyacht industry.

Automating the Yacht Chartering Process

6 Sep 2018

Australian executive, superyacht owner and long-time charter, Ian Malouf, is shaking up the $14 billion charter industry with a unique concept.

A Shift in the Charter Market: Ahoy Club

30 Aug 2018

Uber, Airbnb, Black Jet...each industry, even dog walking, has been shaken up with new disruptive technology over the past few years, many becoming multi-billion pound enterprises. Now it looks like it’s time for the superyacht charter market finally to catch up and move into the digital world says Tom Montgomery.

Bin there, done that, now it’s plain sailing

28 Aug 2018

A former binman who has just collected more than £300 million from selling his waste recycling business has embarked on an audacious plan to clean up in the superyacht market.

On board with Ian Malouf, owner of 52m superyacht Mischief

25 Aug 2018

Claire Wrathall meets Ian Malouf, owner of 52.4 metre superyacht Mischief, a businessman who has cleaned up in Australia and is now enjoying the fruits of his labours... In the tell-it-like-it-is style of the Sydney Morning Herald, Ian Malouf is “king of the dumpsters” and “Australia’s richest garbo”. More poetically he’s an alchemist who has found a way to turn rubbish into gold, or at least dollars. Officially, however, he tends to be known as the founder and CEO of Dial a Dump Industries, aka DADI Group, the self-styled “leading waste management service provider and recycler in New South Wales”.

Meet the nation’s richest garbage man

23 Aug 2018

A Sydney garbage man has really cleaned up after selling his business for more than half a billion dollars. Ian Malouf started Dial A Dump with just a single truck and a shovel in 1984 and has since made his fortune with a fleet of dumpsters.

Dial a Dump founder Ian Malouf turns to yachting after $577m sale

22 Aug 2018

Ian Malouf says he knows how to work and how to party, combining both last night as 300 guests joined him over cocktails to celebrate the $577 million sale of his Dial a Dump waste business to the listed Bingo Industries.

Fine Dining Around the Mediterranean

10 Aug 2018

An insider's guide to the most exclusive dining destinations whilst exploring the Mediterranean by the founders of Ahoy Club, the super yacht charter platform.

Vanity Fair - Ship Ahoy

3 Aug 2018

In the past, anyone who hadn't already chartered a yacht for the remainder of the summer by this stage in the season wouldn't have stood a chance of finding their dream vessel.

Meet the man trying to ‘Uberise’ the superyacht market

30 Jul 2018

In some people, they evoke open-mouthed jealousy; in others, sheer revulsion. But however you feel when you see the vast, smug hull of a luxury yacht, we probably all have the same thought: who on earth owns that?

Chartering with the best rates

23 Jul 2018

Ahoy Club, the world’s first bespoke luxury yacht charter service, launched on May 1st with a promise to transform the global charter market.

Dial A Dump's Ian Malouf makes waves with an Airbnb for superyacht own

22 Jun 2018

Dial-A-Dump founder Ian Malouf with his superyacht Mischief. He is disrupting the global yacht charter business with Ahoy Club, which uses smart technology and an app to up-end the secretive, traditional world of the yacht broker and hefty commissions.

All aboard: Ahoy Club is on a mission to make yacht charter easier

15 Jun 2018

As anyone who has ever dealt with a yacht broker will know, chartering a boat can be a complicated, opaque and expensive business.

Sydney Morning Herald - Tub thumper

14 Jun 2018

At a time when the chasm between the haves and the have-yachts is widening, garbage entrepreneur Ian Malouf is doing his bit to bridge the gap with a new platform called the Ahoy Club, which he describes as Uber for superyachts.

Chartering a Yacht Just Got Easier

1 Jun 2018

Digital superyacht platform Ahoy Club starts a digital charter revolution.

The No. 1 Superyacht Charter Platform in the World, Ahoy Club has launched

30 May 2018

Ahoy Club; the No.1 Superyacht Charter platform in the World! Ahoy Club; the No. 1 Superyacht charter platform in the world puts the Worlds’ yacht fleet right at your fingertips with the Guaranteed best rates in the market. The only opportunity to go anywhere and do anything in your own time, with whoever you choose...

A step towards the digitalization of Yachting

17 May 2018

Renowned as one of the sectors that take the most time to turn to new technologies, yachting has taken a step towards digitalization. Ahoy Club, a new startup launched by Australian entrepreneur, Ian Malouf, says it can lower the prices of superyacht charters and optimize their use.

Chartering a yacht in a hurry?

8 May 2018

Struggling to track down the right yacht on which to spend some (or all) of the fast-approaching summer? A new digital platform, which promises to bring prospective charter clients and boat owners together with the minimum of fuss, is one to keep on the radar.

Changing the charter game

3 May 2018

A new platform, Ahoy Club, hopes to make chartering easier, cost-effective and accessible to the wider market. The enterprise, developed by superyacht owner and businessman Ian Malouf, believes that through its user-friendly, efficient platform, it can lower the costs of chartering by around 20 per cent, generating a higher amount of revenue for superyacht owners and encouraging more UHNWIs to enter into the charter market.

Streamlining yacht chartering through tech - Yacht Harbour

2 May 2018

Ahoy Club, the new, UK-based startup, brainchild of Australian entrepreneur, Ian Malouf is set to launch in May to offer a simpler way to book yacht charters. Focused on cutting out redundant fees, speeding up the process and offering a larger inventory, Ahoy will launch just in time for the 2018 summer season.

Making waves with new app to charter superyachts

25 Apr 2018

Australian businessman Ian Malouf is making waves with a new superyacht charter service described as ‘Airbnb for the super-rich’. The self-made waste management tycoon charters his £22million superyacht Mischief for up to £263,000 per week, but says managing bookings through yacht brokers is ‘slow and cumbersome’.

Boating Business | New automated yacht charter service saves time and costs

25 Apr 2018

A new luxury yacht charter service will automate the charter process for what is believed to be the first time, cutting costs by 20% and allowing customers to book yachts within minutes and at significantly reduced rates.

Chartering New Territory

15 Apr 2018

Ian Malouf is an Australian entrepreneur with a passion for the luxury yachting lifestyle. Having experienced chartering as a client and guest for many years, in 2015 he acquired a 54-metre Baglietto, naming her M/Y Mischief. Although he sees the yacht as a source of personal and family enjoyment, Malouf treats Mischief as a business, and expects to see her returning income through charter activity. Frustrated with what he felt were outdated practices and a lack of embracing technology, Malouf set about challenging the status quo of luxury yacht charter with his newly launched website "Ahoy Club".

Superyachts finally embrace the digital revolution

2 Apr 2018

Chartering a superyacht is the ultimate holiday – a bespoke luxury experience, combining six-star service from a dedicated crew, endless water sports and a personalised itinerary which takes you to hidden coves and islands that are otherwise out of reach. It has previously been the domain of the rich and famous and high-flying executives: a destination vacation that allows you to relax in privacy, in some of the most beautiful parts of the world, without missing out on any of the comforts or luxuries one would expect, with all the modern technological conveniences one could possibly need.