Why Charter With
Ahoy Club

When you decide to plan your next luxury yacht charter with Ahoy Club, you’re in safe hands. Our team has decades of combined experience in all aspects of yacht chartering, management and brokering. We know exactly what kind of seven-star service our clients expect, and we’re passionate about delivering.

What is yacht chartering?

When you start researching how to charter, you can be greeted by an overwhelming amount of information. Our mission is to simplify the chartering process while providing unparalleled customer service.

Think of Ahoy Club as Airbnb for yachts. Many yachts are owned by private buyers and corporations who are more than happy to offer their vessels. By making their crafts available to vacationers, they can offset the costs associated with owning a yacht, and you can enjoy a luxury watercraft for a fraction of the ownership cost.

Ahoy Club act as your charter representitive, helping you find the perfect vessel, with access to the largest amount of yachts globally. We also go the extra mile and take care of all the details, from bespoke itinerary building, including on and off shore excursions and food selection, so you can set sail stress free.

Benefits of yacht chartering

While larger cruises and group tours certainly have their charms, there’s nothing quite like a truly private yacht charter experience. When you book a private charter you can take advantage of several benefits such as:

Global yacht access

Using a yacht chartering service provides the unique benefit of having access to any type of vessel, anywhere in the world. While some local service providers are limited to their immediate area, working with an established charter company allows you to take advantage of their worldwide networks. Embark on a grand tour with ease by organising charters at any global destinations with port access.

Fully customisable experiences

When planning an exciting vacation with a charter company, there are some things you can expect. Chief among them is the ability to customise your experience down to the last olive on your afternoon martini. From where to drop anchor for a secluded dip in the ocean to when you’d like to travel to shore, you are in full control. When booking a private charter you are not at the mercy of set menus and schedules. Your wish is our command.

Professional crews

All the vessels in our global network are fully staffed by professional, experienced crews. Some boat-for-hire companies come with budget service, and spending time in close quarters with an inexperienced crew can be unpleasant. Here at Ahoy Club we pride ourselves on working only with fully vetted crews who have proven experience delivering the seven-star service our clients expect. Prior to your charter, we also provide detailed crew profiles so you know who to expect when you step on-board.

Competitive prices

Attempting to organise a yacht charter through private owners can leave you at the mercy of high prices and unreasonable limitations. Using a specialised service such as Ahoy Club allows you to compare thousands of options, finding the perfect vessel for your trip at a price

Key things to consider about yacht chartering

Before you get carried away picturing yourself lounging on your private deck, cool cocktail in hand, there are some things you should consider to make the most of your charter:

When you’d like to travel

Do you know what conditions are like at your intended destination this time of year? Before setting sail, it’s critical to ensure you’ll experience favourable weather for your vacation. Use our Ahoy Club destination filters to check best times to travel, or ask us for destination recommendations if you’re feeling adventurous! View our destination guide to find the best travel seasons

What type of service you enjoy

We want you to feel right at home onboard your private charter. The type of service you receive can make or break your whole experience. Do you prefer a formal crew with crisp uniforms and silver service? Is a laidback crew in smart casual more your style? Do you prefer solace, and would like your crew to make themselves scarce? Your personal customer experience manager can ensure your crew is tailored to your preferences.

How many people will accompany you

When considering which of our many charter options is right for you, considering how many people you’ll be accompanied by is key. Making sure everyone onboard is comfortable and has ample room to sleep, lounge and enjoy is a major factor in creating the right vibe onboard. Consider allowing for some room to move if you like to invite new friends for dinner or other adventures.

Why charter with Ahoy Club?

Here at Ahoy Club, we’re passionate about creating seamless and fun charter experiences that include everything you should expect on a luxury yacht vacation.Our dedicated team is built on service and backed by experience. We know exactly what kind of service our clients expect, and we deliver every time. Our guest experience managers guarantee a smooth experience from booking to disembarking, and our Ahoy Concierge team knows all the best places to party, dine and drink.

We offer unrivalled access to yachts for any occasion. With over 4,000 motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans and gulets in our global network, we have the right vessel for you. Whether you’re looking to charter for a day, a weekend, a week or more, we can find you the perfect yacht in seven continents. We promise you any yacht, anywhere in the world.

Best of all, we at Ahoy Club guarantee you’ll receive the best rates possible. Our exclusive member discounts allow you to save as much as 30% on any superyacht charter. Best of all, it’s free to sign up!