Yacht Charters Menorca

A Tranquil Destination That Can’t Be Missed

Surrounded by exquisite nature, turquoise waters, and olive groves, the Balearic Islands’ smallest sibling is a haven away from the bustle of boats and party-oriented tourists. With more miles of beaches than both Ibiza and Formentera combined, a yacht charter of Menorca is best spent on deck, on the beach or in the sea. 

Attracting families, bohemians and low-key travellers, Menorca is a tranquil destination. Tender to her secluded coves, marvel at the UNESCO listed biosphere reserve and its select divine restaurants for the odd occasion you wish to leave these spectacular waters. 

When is the best time of year to charter a yacht in Menorca?

With temperatures above 20°C from May to September, the season for a private yacht charter in Menorca is relatively long. June to August is the busiest period. Temperatures during this time range from 25 – 30°C. Perfect for absorbing the summer sun on the deck, on the beach or at one of the various luxurious lounge bars. 

Even the shoulder months provide summer-like weather. May and September are much calmer than the three month peak period, but the water is just as inviting. No compromising if you choose to book your luxury yacht charter of Menorca sin (without) crowds or higher costs. 
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Must-do Activities While Yacht Chartering In Menorca

Menorca’s natural beauty cannot be overstated. It’s so diverse and alluring that the entire island was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Locals and the international community take great lengths to preserve its ecosystem. 

A boat charter of Menorca is incomplete without a thorough exploration of its habitat. For Menorca, this means its pristine coves and beaches.

Menorca’s Best Coves And Bays

Cala Macarella and Macaralleta: These gorgeous coves combine into a double cove giving you plenty of room to float to various parts of the water and enjoy the changing view. While here, you can curb your hunger with a bite at the local restaurant. The only one around.


Cala Mijana: Accessible only by boat or a walking trail, this little bay offers a scenic cliffside backdrop toward the land and crystal clear azure waters out to the horizon.


Cala Galdana: The busiest of the coves mentioned, Cala Galdana is brimming with life. Here you can hire kayaks and other seacrafts. Come onshore to do some shopping or stop at one of the many seaside restaurants for a bite to eat.

Insider tip: If you intend to spend your yacht charter of Menorca mostly around this island, it’s worth speaking to your Customer Experience Manager about whether it’s best to hire or have snorkelling equipment and jet skis on board.

Visit The Historical City

Menorca’s Ciutadella is on the island’s west coast and was once the capital of commerce and culture. Today it is a beautiful area to marvel at the architecture, wander cobbled streets and wonder at the changing face of the island.

Drink, Dine and Dance

Menorca may be relatively quiet, but it remains true to its Spanish culture, offering delicious food, divine drinks and fiestas well into the morning.


To work up an appetite (and encourage your partner to learn some new skills), we recommend visiting Cuk-Cuk Restaurante, where you can take a paella cooking class or just simply enjoy paella made by the masters.


After dinner, Bar Lemon serves up superb cocktails to a beautiful backdrop of the marina.


Finally, it’s time to dance. On this island of stunning nature, it’s only fitting that the best bar and club should be set in a cave with breathtaking views of the sea. Cova d’en Xoroi attracts some of the best DJs and makes for a truly unique experience, dining and dancing within a sky-high cave carved out of the cliff face. This is perhaps the best place on the island to experience the sunset.

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In Menorca With Ahoy Club

Booking a Menorca yacht charter is made simple with the world’s leading online yacht charter booking platform, Ahoy Club. Understanding the value of first-hand knowledge as well as the importance of progressive technology, our platform combines the best of both online and offline services. With this balance, we can provide optimal convenience with meticulous planning and customer service.


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Every new customer is partnered with a Customer Experience Manager who knows the region within which you are booking your charter. Your CEM can advise on the best activities, itineraries, restaurants and more before liaising with your captain to ensure every detail is confirmed and locked in for your trip.