Yacht Charters Sorrento

The True Colours of Naples

Perched 55 metres atop rocky cliffs, Sorrento is a truly unique destination, unlike anywhere else you’ve seen before. High and low, it’s a dazzling sight, with colourful fishing boats greeting you on the water and sky-high terraces enticing you to have some fun. 

Looking over the Bay of Naples, a yacht charter to Sorrento is a must, whether you’re covering the entire Amalfi Coast or looking for a long weekend in just one place. Romantic, culinary and cultural, Sorrento satisfies all who visit its shores.

When is the best time of year to charter a yacht in Sorrento?

Sorrento attracts visitors over a long summer period, stretching from April through to October. May to September are the peak months for a luxury yacht charter in Sorrento. During this time, the energy is high, the bars are full, and there is an endless stream of people wandering piazzas, sipping espresso and taking in the sunshine. 

Busy months are not for everyone, though. If you prefer a romantic escape away from the crowds, we suggest booking a boat charter Sorrento in the shoulder months of April or October. The days are not in the mid to high 20°Cs. You can expect around 17°C, but the town is calm, and the crisp air inspires one to get cosy. 
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Must-do Activities While Yacht Chartering In Sorrento

This dreamy Italian coastal town is the culinary and cultural stop for any Amalfi Coast exploration. No matter where you go, the highlight (second, maybe, to the food) is the view. Set within the cliffs, looking out to the Bay of Naples, the views from Sorrento are magic. Wherever you go, expect a seat adjacent to the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Indulge In The Culinary Delights

When booking your private yacht charter of Sorrento, make sure to book in advance at one of the town’s most divine restaurants.

Our absolute favourites are: 

La Marinella: next to the sea, La Marinella serves up fresh seafood and Mediterranean fare. 

Don Pedro: with one of the most sought after views in Sorrento, Don Pedro is a popular restaurant and a popular place for lovers to wed.

Terrazza Bosquet: perched so high up it can feel like you’re dining in the clouds, Terrazza Bosquet is a to-die-for Michelin star restaurant not to be missed.


Ristorante Lorelei: vegetarians wanting the Michelin star experience without offending the chef are recommended to visit Ristorante Lorelei, where they serve a vegetarian tasting menu and (you guessed it) the views are spectacular. 

Enjoy The Water

Taking advantage of your Sorrento yacht charter, there are plenty of beautiful beachside locations to explore.


Visit the Baths of Queen Giovanna (Bagni della Regina Giovanna), the most picturesque beach in Sorrento. This is one of the region’s most remote beaches, set within rocky cliffs and a natural stone arch that hides it from unknowing eyes.


Also hidden in plain sight is the Vervece Island dive site, where divers and snorkelers are blown away by a giant submerged statue of the Madonna. If you visit in September, you may see an annual Mass at this site. Hundreds of boats visit it, and the ceremony involves divers placing wreaths of flowers on the statue to honour the memory of those who have been lost at sea.

Wander The Mainland

Sorrento is the perfect place to wander aimlessly, with views never ceasing to impress no matter where you are.

If we have to recommend just a few highlights, however, they would be:


Museo Muta and Museo Correale: Cultural explorers will enjoy the Museo Correale’s collection of Neapolitan artworks dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, including ceramics, glassware, crystals and even watches.

At Museo Muta, you can learn about marquetry, the art of applying decorative veneer to objects. This art form has a long history in Sorrento, and the Museo Muta houses both antique and modern examples of this medium.

Cloister of San Francesco: An oasis hidden within the town’s central piazza, the Cloister of San Francesco was both a seventh-century monastery and a late-medieval church. The two sites have now combined as the Cloister of San Francesco. In the cloister, you can see architectural influences of the pre-Roman, Arabic and medieval eras.


When you’re peckish, venture toward Piazzo Tasso, where restaurants and cafes are lined all along. Shopaholics can alternatively visit Corso Italia or Via San Cesareo to find something exquisite in the boutiques. 

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In Sorrento With Ahoy Club

Ahoy Club makes booking a charter of Sorrento easier than ever before. We assure this through in-person expertise and market-leading technology.


Finding the best-suited charter boat is typically the most difficult part of the process. Ahoy Club makes this simple with our innovative experience builder that helps you identify what you want and simultaneously narrow down which of our 4000 yachts meets those needs.


Once the booking has been confirmed, it’s over to our in-person experts to help you plan an unforgettable itinerary. Your personal Customer Experience Manager is someone who knows the area you book and acts as a liaison between you and your captain. They can help you with ideas on where to go and what to see, or they can work as a concierge to lock in all the plans you want to make a reality.