Yacht Charters Ravello

Romantic Views Combined With Medieval Architecture

A small town on the Amalfi Coast with just 2,500 inhabitants, Ravello is known for its romantic views and medieval architecture. It doesn’t share the same fame as its neighbours, Positano or Salerno. Yet, it’s been a long-kept secret attracting artists, particularly musicians, for centuries. 

Named the City of Music, Ravello is home to Villa Rufolo, Villa Cimbrone and the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium, and it plays host to annual festivals, such as Ravello Festival and Ravello Concert Society.

Tendering in on a yacht charter to Ravello, the town seems to climb up out of the water. Perched on a mountaintop, Ravello rewards visitors with spectacular views of the sea and ancient streets and pathways to transport you back in time.

When is the best time of year to charter a yacht in Ravello?

The Amalfi Coast is blessed with long summers. May through to September and even into October, superyachts descend on this area and dissipate only once the rain begins in the autumn. 

Ravello’s peak season is June to July, when the town is at its busiest, and the temperatures sit consistently around 30°C. During this time, bookings are essential as this tiny town only has so much space to accommodate its influx of visitors. 

Calmer in the shoulder months of May, September and October, Ravello’s weather may be a little cooler – 18°C to 25°C – but the streets are quieter and spontaneous dinner plans are easier to accommodate.
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Must-do Activities While Yacht Chartering In Ravello

When on a luxury yacht charter of Ravello, one should explore the area with the eyes of an artist. Visit the cobbled stone medieval streets and birdseye vantage points out to sea, and consider how this landscape influenced classical music and culture.

Villa Cimbrone

Built in the 11th century, Villa Cimbrone sits high atop a headland 1200 feet above the Mediterranean with stunning views of the sea and the breathtaking coastline below.


In the early 20th century, the villa was renovated by Lord Grimthorpe, a British nobleman who introduced the gardens and modern features of the park.

Whether you enjoy gardens or not, Villa Cimbrone has perhaps the most spectacular view in the entire area. It’s not to be missed on your private yacht charter of Ravello.

Villa Rufolo

Villa Rufolo was built in the 13th century by a wealthy merchant family and has passed hands several times since its founding.

One of the earliest authors of the Italian renaissance, Boccaccio, wrote about the villa and its owner in 1353. In the 14th century, the villa hosted King Robert II of Naples and other Norman royalty. In 1851 it was bought by Sir Francis Neville Reid, a Scottish botanist, who took steps to renovate its rooms and gardens.

For decades now, Villa Rufolo has hosted summer concerts for pianists, chamber musicians and orchestras, set on a terrace high above the Mediterranean.

The Duomo

The Cathedral (Duomo) of Ravello overlooks the main piazza – Piazza Vescovado – and is considered the social centre of Ravello.

Over 900 years, the Duomo has undergone various modifications. The bell tower dates back to the 13th century, influenced by Byzantine and Moorish architectural styles.

Inside are intricate artworks, columns and tiles. Most notable of the Duomo’s sculptures is the pulpit. Held up by six spiral columns on the backs of lions, the pulpit alone is an artistic masterpiece


Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium

Built in 2000 by famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium is a concert hall that allows Ravello to continue its music events through the winter.


As you would expect, this building is exquisite to view from the outside. Made in the shape of a wave, it sits 300 metres above sea level, providing spectacular views out to the sea as most attractions do in Ravello.

Regional Wines

All along the Amalfi Coast, each region produces its own unique wines. If you appreciate a fine drop, your Ravello yacht charter experience should include a stop at one of the many wineries.


The oldest of the Ravello vineyards is Cantina Episcopio, established in 1860. Family owned and run, Cantina Episcopio has been passed down for four generations and won global recognition for its wines.


Local grapes of the Ravello region include, for whites, Ginestrella, Pepella, San Nicola, Biancazita, and Biancatenera. For reds they are Aglianico, Serpentaria, and Piedirosso. If you do not make it to a vineyard on your boat charter of Ravello, look out for these local varieties at one of the decadent restaurants in the town.

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