Yacht Charters Marseille

The Largest Port In France

Marseille may not be part of the famed French Riviera, but it is the capital city of the Côte d’Azur region, and it happens to be the largest port in France and one of the largest in the Mediterranean. It’s also the second-largest French city outside of Paris. More than a tourist destination, Marseille is an insight into the contemporary French way of life. Set on the water, with some 10,000 berths at the old port, anchoring your yacht charter in Marseille is the best way to discover this vibrant city and the surrounding areas.


Light stone architecture almost glistens in the sun. Art galleries dot the streets. Luxury artisans offer everything from centuries-old services to modern spins on perfumery and cuisine. Shopping boutiques and high-end restaurants adorn this city, waiting for highly discerning guests to come and indulge.

When is the best time of year to charter a yacht in Marseille?

Marseille as a city is welcoming all year round. The temperatures in the winter are cool but mild compared to northern regions. However, winter on a boat charter in Marseille is not advised. It remains spectacularly beautiful at all times, but the summer is where it truly shines. Onboard your luxury yacht charter in Marseille, you will most certainly prefer the warmer sun. 

In May, the Marseille weather becomes warm and inviting, averaging 19°C. If you wish to spend your days on land exploring galleries and restaurants, this shoulder month is perfect. September, also, is an inviting shoulder month still producing temperatures in the low 20°Cs. 

For those who want to get in the water, the peak summer months of June, July and August are the time to switch to swimwear. During the high season, Marseille temperatures sit between the mid-20 – 30°Cs.

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Must-do Activities While Yacht Chartering In Marseille

Marseille’s streets are shaped by 2600 years of history. Starting with the Phonecians in 600BC and then the Greeks and Romans, the architecture and narrow streets along are their own marvel.

Feast On The Finest Cuisine

Marseille is home to the famous French dish, Bouillabaisse. Every French restaurant in the city has this on the menu, many with an innovative modern flare. But only one with three Michelin stars.

Le Petit Nice is a Michelin three-star restaurant. The only three-star restaurant in Marseille and one of only 40 in France. Need it be said? Their menu is divine, and their take on the Bouillabaisse will be an experience inaccessible anywhere else in the world.

Other excellent restaurant options are L’Aromat – for contemporary spins on traditional menu items. Le Château, Sormiou – for a quirky venue out of the city with a quaint terrace that invites you to stay awhile. And Chez Madie Les Galinettes – for a traditional style French meal in a cosy setting.

Get In The Water

On a Charter in Marseille, you want to make the most of your exclusive water route access. One strikingly beautiful nearby destination is the Calanques National Park.

Tender down here and spend the day out on kayaks or paddleboards, gliding along the blue-hued waters past pale beige cliffs and native Mediterranean vegetation.

Stroll The Shops

Charter holidays seldom offer a diverse range of shopping options – say, high-end couture or handcrafted perfumes. This is where the cities shine. On a private yacht charter to Marseille, you can have it all.


Les Docks de la Joliette is a shopping centre and art space combined where visitors can find high-end brands like Louis Vuitton and others. Galeries Lafayette is the best place to find all the big-name brands you seek.

Terrasses du Port is a leisure and shopping hub. Or, for a unique shopping experience, Marche de Noailles shows off Marseille’s flavour. Here you can find favourite Marseille spices and preserves to take back on board for your chef to turn into magical French cuisine.


Speaking of morish morsels, L’Esperantine de Marseille is the place to find deliciously addictive chocolates.

Marvel in Marseille’s Museums

Considered a cultural hub in France, Marseille is home to many must-see museums.

Our favourites include: 

  • Musée d’Histoire de Marseille
  • Palais Longchamp
  • Musée des beaux-arts
  • Musée de la Marine de l’Économie

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