Yacht Charters Golfe-Juan

A Hidden Treasure Along The French Riviera

Golfe-Juan is a quiet local spot tucked in between Antibes and Cannes. Relatively small, a yacht charter to Golfe-Juan is recommended for a day trip as you tender along the French Riviera.

Not a common stop on the Riviera trail, Golfe-Juan is a hidden treasure. Renowned for its long stretch of white sand public and private beaches, this is the perfect place to anchor, take out the water toys and try to spot some VIPs at Billionaires Bay, located just next door in Cap d’Antibes.

When is the best time of year to charter a yacht in Golfe-Juan?

Summer is the best season for a luxury yacht charter to Golfe-Juan. Although long – May to September, the peak yacht chartering months are June to August. 

Mild summers bless this region, but it does mean the shoulder months can get a little cool on the water. If you’re looking to book a boat charter of Golfe-Juan in May or September, you must be prepared that some days may drop below 20°C. Still glorious in the sun but getting cool in the water. 

June, July and August are the months when the superyachts descend on the French Riviera. The who’s who of the world flock to this region to enjoy its azure waters, glamourous bars and exclusive parties.

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Must-do Activities While Yacht Chartering In Golfe-Juan

Golfe-Juan’s primary appeal is its beach. 3.5km long and sheltered from the winds, it is a magical spot to enjoy a host of water sports activities or a still summer day soaking up the sun on the beach. This small town also boasts a nature reserve with a diverse range of flora and fauna native to the Mediterranean

Walk In Napoleans Footsteps

The collection of paintings, drawings, statues, and ceramics is exclusively owned by the Museum, unable to be seen anywhere else.

One of Golfe-Juan’s most notable moments in history was in 1815, when Napolean landed on its shores after escaping exile from the Isle of Elba. He took with him 600 men. All of whom reached Golfe-Juan with him before he ventured onward to Paris.

Each year this day is celebrated in March. Although we do not recommend visiting at this time of year, you can go to the location of his arrival for yourself and imagine his experience. There is a special memorial place at the port that is very easily located.

Explore The Beach

Soft, white sand is special in the French Riviera, so we recommend stepping off your private yacht charter of Golfe-Juan to sink your toes in the sand before exploring this vast coastal stretch.

West of Vieux Port Golfe-Juan are the beaches Plages du Soleil and Plage du Midi. Two of the best where water sports equipment can be hired, and a steady bustle of beautiful people persist.

Head Inland To The Village Of Vallaurisining

If you are seeking more than a magical day on the water, you need only go inland a short distance to reach the village of Vallauris.

Here you will find quaint narrow streets in the Old Town and spectacular art galleries featuring works from the likes of Picasso, Marc Chagall, Victor Brauner and Matisse.

Fine Dine

Golfe-Juan may be small, but it flourishes with fantastic restaurants serving up a range of fine cuisines. On your boat charter of Golfe-Juan, be sure to book a table at one or more of these Ahoy Club favourites:


La Petite Plage: The Little Beach Club is the ultimate location to spend a lazy day. Sun in the beds. Sip cocktails in the afternoon. Taste the exquisite morsels of food and stay for a stunning sunset.


Le Bistrot du Port: Recommended in the Michelin guide, we can confirm that Le Bistrot du Port serves up some of the most delicious French delicacies in Golfe-Juan. Next to the sea, seafood is their speciality. 

Art 8: Food presentation bordering on art is found at Art 8, a gorgeous little restaurant with a creative flare influencing both their recipes and how they are displayed.

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In Golfe-Juan With Ahoy Club

Booking a Golfe-Juan yacht charter requires in-depth inside knowledge to really get to see the best of the town. Ahoy Club’s Customer Experience Managers love to share their insights, and every booking made with Ahoy comes with a personal Customer Experience Manager to make those magical moments happen.


Our innovative experience builder technology identifies the best-suited boat charter in Golfe-Juan based on your specific wants and desires. Just a few clicks, and you can narrow down from the 4000+ charters on our site to find the one ideally matched to you. Bookings are made through our online portal, and then it’s over to your Customer Experience Manager to bring the finer details of the journey to life.