Yacht Charters Samos

One Of Greece’s Island Treasures

In the eastern Aegean Sea, Samos stands out as one of Greece’s island treasures, known for its stunning beaches and alluring natural landscape. Samos was the birthplace of the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras and is home to Pythagoreion and the Heraion of Samos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that includes the Eupalinian aqueduct – an incredible ancient tunnel, a true marvel of ancient engineering.

Famed for its wine production since ancient times, Samos is an island to indulge and unwind. On a yacht charter of Samos, you will fall in love with the island’s seaside villages, exotic landscapes and a vast array of both secluded and organised beaches.

With Turkey right across the Mycale Strait, your luxury yacht charter of Samos can take you across impressive ancient lands, now a picture-perfect paradise for sunseekers and high-class adventurers.

When is the best time of year to charter a yacht in the Samos?

Kos enjoys a beautiful Mediterranean climate. June to September are the sunseeker months, but May and October also boast inviting temperatures for those who don’t mind a light cool breeze in the evenings. 

For a luxury yacht charter of Kos, we recommend the entire May to October season. If you’re eager to spend your days submerged in the sea, June, July, or August are the months for you. Those who prefer a balance of in-water activities and on-land exploration will be pleased with the climate at any time over the long, five-month summer period.
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Must-do Activities While Yacht Chartering In Samos

Small but mighty, there is so much to do on a boat charter to Samos. And they’re all handily within reach, thanks to the compact size of the island and the ultra-convenience of your Samos yacht charter.

Explore The Ancient Sites

No charter of Samos would be complete without paying homage to the great ancient thinkers who helped to shape our modern world.

Pythagoras isn’t the only famous ancient Greek to call this island home. Philosophers Melissus and Epicurus were both born and lived their lives here and astronomer Aristarchus, the first known person to suggest the Earth revolves around the sun, also hailed from this small but remarkable island. Ancient mythology also places Samos as the home of goddess Hera.

Sanctuary of Heraion: Dating back to the 6th century BC, this sanctuary was built in dedication to the goddess Hera and is written in Greek mythology as the place where she and Zeus had their honeymoon.

Pythagorion village: This charming seaside village is home to many ancient sites, such as the aforementioned

  • Santuary of Heraion; as well as 
  • Pythagorion Archaeological Museum
  • Tunnel of Eupalinus.

Visit The Quaint Villages

Vathis is the island’s capital, and it’s worth spending some time there, but there are many other gorgeous seaside villages to explore – many of which you will be near while visiting other sites. Some of the most picturesque are Kokkari, Pythagorion, Karlovassi and Heraion.

Sail Across The Strait To Turkey

While you’re just a mile away from the Turkish coast, why not take your charter of Samos internationally for a day at Kusadasi in Turkey? This resort town boasts many beautiful beaches and fine restaurants. It also offers a unique view of the relationship between these neighbours who have not always been so friendly.

Marvel At The Islands Magical Caves

When famous mathematician, Pythagoras, was in hiding from political opponents, he ended up hiding in the now named “Cave of Pythagoras”.

Depending on who you speak to, it could have actually been another cave turned church – Panagia Spiliani. On Mount Kastro, this church is built into the mountainside. Whether caves or churches are of interest, the view certainly will be, peeking out over the sea.

Sample The Long Perfected Wines

Samos has been producing wine since ancient times. It’s safe to say they know what they are doing. For a combination of history and sampling of the fine drops, visit the Museum of Samos Wines, set in a 19th-century stone building, once a private winery.

Get In The Water

Samos’ coastline is fringed with gorgeous beaches to drop anchor and float on the water. Some of the best for peaceful sunbathing days are Tsamadou, Tsabou, Psili Ammos and Agios Konstantinos.

For a faster-paced water experience, the bay of Kokkari and other beaches found on the northern side are ideal for windsurfing or kite surfing. They’re also great spots to pull out the jet skis and glide across the sea.

Not all water fun on Samos has to be in the sea. Near the villages Karlovassi and Potami, there is a region with deep, lush greenery, waterfalls and little rivers where you can take a stroll or a dip, consumed by leafy green nature.

What To Expect When Booking A Yacht Charter In Samos With Ahoy Club

Booking a boat charter of Samos is unbelievably simple with Ahoy Club, thanks to our proprietary booking system and hands-on Customer Experience Managers. With more than a decade of experience organising 5-star yacht charter services, we have perfected the balance between digital convenience and in-person expertise.

Online our innovative technology guides you through your onboard preferences to provide only the vessels that match your unique desires. On our platform, we have more than 4000 vessels. Our technology allows you to narrow these down instantly, looking only at those that meet the needs of your luxury yacht charter vacation. Once you’ve found your yacht, bookings are made online for convenient tracking and communication. Now it’s over to the experts.

Once you have made a booking through Ahoy Club, we connect you with a Customer Experience Manager who acts as a liaison between you and your captain. Your CEM is there to finalise your itinerary and can help you with ideas if you don’t have a specific plan in mind. All of our CEMs have worked in the region. They know the locations intimately and advise guests with informed experience.