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Yacht Charters Caribbean

The abundance of islands and diverse cultures provides something for every traveller

From shimmering reefs to spicy salsa, pirate hideouts and white sandy beaches, discover the dizzyingly diverse Caribbean. The epitome of paradise is adorned with swaying palm trees, pearl-coloured sand and turquoise sea and is ideal for chartering a private yacht.

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Although generally hotter towards the south of the region, the Caribbean boasts warm year-round temperatures that are ideal for yacht chartering; despite covering a vast area and boasting a climate that varies slightly. ‘Winter’ is in January and although cooler, see daytime temperatures that range between 25˚C – 30˚C. Summer is considered ‘wet season’ and boasts temperatures between 28˚C – 33˚C.

High season runs from November – March and is drier than other parts of the year with no risk of hurricanes. Hurricane season runs from the beginning of June to the end of November. (It is important to note that the Leeward Islands sit just outside the hurricane zone).


It is no secret that the Caribbean epitomises tropical island life; with its swaying palm trees, rum punch, pearly-white sand and bass-heavy music. However, what many do not realise is that it is so much more than that. The diverse array of cultures found in this idyllic archipelago is captivating. Africa, Spain, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, the US and South America all play influence to the culture of this unique slice of heaven. Many languages are spoken, many customs are experienced and many traditions are practised. This region of the world truly does cater to every traveller.

Those who seek the nightlife and the casinos should sail their private yacht charter to the US Virgin Islands where high-rollers enjoy award-winning dining and dancing the night away is more often than not considered the norm. Nearby, the British Virgin Islands has an entirely different feel. Think swaying hammocks, rainforest-filled national parks and quaint towns framed by reef-lined bays that are ideal for chartering a luxury yacht. Both are an experience not to be missed.

Perhaps you want a taste of traditional salsa culture in Cuba, or you’d prefer to stand in awe at the overwater and underwater nirvana of the Leeward Antilles, where you’ll also find flamingos and parrots from nearby South America. Whichever yacht charter holiday you dream of, the options are limitless.

Home to 12 independent countries, the Caribbean also boasts over 700 islets; with St. Lucia, Barbados and Antigua being popular spots to charter a luxury yacht. Conversely to the world-class dining and abundance of resorts that you’ll find on these islands, the Grenadines is where you’ll discover a much more exclusive yacht chartering experience. In this region, the islands of Mustique and Bequia are beguiling and remote and are the ultimate escape-it-all place to charter a yacht.

It is evident that sailing through the Caribbean on a luxury yacht is not simply about coastal cruising but rather about the journey and what you’ll discover as you cover seemingly-endless sea miles hopping from island to island. What we can promise you, however, are sun-kissed sands, sheer warm waters and a striking backdrop of infinite island chains you’ll struggle to forget.


Chartering a yacht in the Windward Islands is almost something out of a movie. Deep rainforests perch atop untouched national parks and the rocky cliffside terrain acts as a dramatic backdrop to some of the calmest, clearest waters you’ll ever encounter. MartiniqueSt. Lucia’s overlooked sister island is a French Caribbean paradise in the Windward Islands that is the definition of ‘rugged beauty’. 

Best explored by car, each corner of the isle has something spectacular to offer. Go trekking in the north, kayaking in the west and surfing in the east, all the while eating fancy cheese or freshly-caught fish alongside a refreshing rum punch. The blend of French and West Indian cultures have created a unique island that is raw and untouched, while also catering to the affluent French tourists that vacation here once a year. 

Most commonly known for being Rihanna’s home country, Barbados is also home to a number of beaches and bays that frequent the front of postcards. If you’re looking for yacht charter bliss without the busses of tourists, this is the place for you. The west coast of the island north of Bridgetown, the capital is famous for its glassy clear water and wealth of sea life. Paddleboard with more turtles than you can count at Paynes Bay, spot Rihanna’s beachfront condo at Sandy Lane Beach and feast on fresh fish at waterfront eateries at Mullins Bay. 

Head north to the Leeward Islands and discover celebrity-frequented St. Barts; where chic resorts, glamorous dining and overly-priced luxury boutiques sit alongside spectacular lookouts and unspoiled sand d’une beaches. Upmarket clientele spill out onto the streets of high-end restaurants and the charming bustle of cobbled laneways and 17th-century forts are juxtaposed with designer boutiques and stunning harbours filled with luxury yachts you could only dream of.