George Town

“Don't grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach.”

The ultimate escape with foot-print free beaches, sapphire blue water, flawless coastline and famous swimming pigs.

Yachts in George Town


Key Highlights:

  • Famous Pig Beach
  • Tropic of Cancer Beach
  • Thunderbell Grotto featured in two James Bond movies
  • An island for each day of the year


Insider Info:

The capital of Exumas, George Town is located on Great Exuma Island. The Exumas are a chain of island that stretch 100 miles long, with an island for every day of the year.

A popular spot for yachters, George Town is surrounded by dreamy, sapphire-blue water and foot-print free beaches. Drop anchor in this quiet seaside town while you explore the many islands, flawless coastlines, unspoiled cays and ultraexclusive resorts the Exumas have to offer.

Cruise over to Pig Beach, a completely uninhabited island save for the infamous pigs it gets it’s name from. Around 50 miles northwest of George Town, Pig Beach is only accessible by boat and shrouded in mystery. Local legends abound, including tales of shipwrecks to hungry pirates who never recovered their lost meal. Wherever the pigs came from, they are instafamous.

From George Town, you can swim with nurse sharks, have a sandbar picnic or go snorkelling in the famous Thunderbell Grotto - a scenic spot that has been in two James Bond films.



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