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An underwater nirvana that
is every diver’s dream

The Bahamas is comprised of more than 700 islands and 2400 cays, most uninhabited, and all fringed by spectacular coral and fathomless ocean trenches. Its warm shallow waters and calm lagoons make the region ideal for water sports and luxury yacht charters.

Ideal weather: 25 – 30°C


peak season
17 – 26°C
21 – 27°C
22 – 27°C
23 – 28°C
25 – 29°C
26 – 30°C
27 – 30°C
27 – 32°C
27 – 30°C
25 -29°C
23 – 28°C
21 – 27°C


The Bahamas is warm all the year round with its coldest month, January, ranging between 17˚C – 26˚C. The hottest time of year is July – August, where temperatures don’t drop below 24˚C and can reach up to 32˚C.

As many of the anchorages are in water that can be just one to two metres deep, a yacht with a shallow draft is recommended; which means some motor yachts might be ruled out. Catamarans and sailing monohull yachts with lifting keels are both good options when choosing a private yacht to charter in The Bahamas.


Spanning nearly 14,000 square kilometres of the Northern Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, The Bahamas is often described as a scattered string of pearls. This could be due to the sheer number of islands or the famed white sand that frames the water’s edge; whichever it may be, it is no secret that this corner of the world is one of the most unique and arguably one of the best places to charter a private yacht. 

With the Northern islands running close to Miami and the rest of the country running south along the north of Cuba to the Turks & Caicos islands, what you’ll discover in The Bahamas is boundless.

The type of getaway you can experience on a private yacht charter in The Bahamas can vary as some islands bustle with life whilst many remain uninhabited. You could spend your entire charter exploring remote isles and untouched waters brimming with colourful marine life, while your luxury yacht provides all of your daily needs. Alternatively, if you prefer the hustle of clubs and casinos, you may prefer to spend your time near the resort islands of New Providence, Paradise or Grand Bahama. 

Then there’s the option to holiday like the elite and soak up the best of both world’s on your luxury yacht; discovering unspoiled atolls by day and feeling the pulse of the world-famous nightlife by night. Cruise past pods of dolphins, anchor up at Grand Bahama and enjoy world-class dining or make use of your private yacht’s water toys.

In fact, the shores of The Bahamas have played host to some of the world’s biggest celebrities, with many owning their very own estates. A-listers like Nicolas Cage, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Tiger Woods and John Travolta are only a few of the many celebrities who have a permanent residence in this alluring string of islands. 

Off the beaten track has long been a trend for luxury travellers, with The Bahamas quickly catering for those who desire to escape it all. Surrounded by clear, shallow waters it isn’t difficult for water lovers to find spectacular snorkelling and diving sites, and the convenience of a private yacht charter makes it that much easier.  

Andros Island the country’s largest archipelagois a scuba diver’s euphoria and boasts the world’s third-largest barrier reef, measuring over 225 kilometres long. Any exotic marine creature you can imagine, you’ll find off the shores of Andros. Surfers can get their fix here too with some of the region’s best breaks surrounding the island.

With many atolls only accessible by private yacht, The Bahamas proves to be one of the ultimate places to charter a yacht. Postcard-perfect is a reality in this slice of heaven; with footprint-free sand, sapphire blue waters and a backdrop of seemingly-endless ocean that you have to see to believe.


When most people think of The Bahamas they imagine private jets, exorbitantly-priced houses and sunset boat parties. Harbour Island is the exact opposite; minus the houses, of course. Boasting a small population, this unfrequented Bahamian islet is most famous for its five-and-a-half-kilometre-long stretch of pale pink sand beaches which is uniquely coloured by a mix of broken coral, red rocks, and the red and pink she’lls of tiny marine creatures known as Forams. The length of the beach is decorated with beautiful villas, privately-owned holiday homes and minimal resorts. More often than not, you’ll have miles of flawless blue water all to yourself; ideal for luxury yachting.

The food in The Bahamas is an interesting mix of fresh seafood and American-style fried food, but one thing you don’t want to leave without trying is the Bahamian speciality of conch chowder, a delicious meal of cooked conch in a red or cream sauce. Normally served with bread on the side, this is a typical dish that many locals enjoy for lunch or dinner. 

An often-frequented part of The Bahamas is Biminia chain of islands that are the closest district to the United States, just 80 kilometres off the east coast of Florida. A two-hour boat ride from Miami will drop you in a quaint part of the country that’ll give you the ultimate taste of the pristine beaches and welcoming hospitality that The Bahamas is so famous for. Known for being a fishing island, Bimini’s simplicity is alluring while also boasting a local nightlife that you wouldn’t expect.

The tiny island of Green Turtle Cay is a must-not-miss and easily accessible via private yacht charter. As it suggests, the island is often surrounded by green turtles and an array of other marine life like stingrays and vibrant fish. But the most exciting is the famous Bahamas pigs, who love to swim with visitors and have long been an attraction of this corner of the country. 

Resort lovers who travel to The Bahamas for its bustle must not miss a visit to The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. The huge resort is home to a casino, the Dolphin Cay, six outdoor lagoons, a shark aquarium and a 141-acre waterpark called Aquaventure. It comes as no surprise that this is Nassau’s most popular tourist attraction.