Destination: Western Australia

It’s time to explore Western Australia

Australiansfrequentlyescape their home country when heading on holiday butoften neglected are thenaturalbeautiesand unspoilt landscapeswithinour home country. If you love adventure and getting off the beaten track, the Kimberley region in Western Australia is for you.Prepare yourself for a trip filled with fishing,heli-tours, hiking, climbing,chasingwaterfalls,beach picnicsandimmerse yourself inhistoric art and trueAustralianculture.We recommend a 10 day toatwo-weektrip through the Kimberleysas theregionstretchesover 400,000 square kilometresandtrust us,youwontwant to skip a beat.Witha populationoffewer than 40,000 people, youll be exploringsurreal landscapes incomplete privacy.

Our experienced Ahoy Club Concierge Team have created the perfect itinerary for you and your guests to enjoy onboard an Ahoy Club yacht.

Journey Overview of the Kimberley Region

Best time to visit: April – October

Weather: 25 33C

Ideal for: Action and adventure / Art and culture

Recommended length of stay: 10 – 14 days

Embark at Wyndham

Wyndham is the Kimberley’s oldest town along with owning the title ofWestern Australia’s northernmost town.On the road from Kununurra to Wyndham, a deep gorge known as The Grottooffers a picturesque and safe swimming spot.

Berkeley River

The stunning Berkeley River offers tumbling waterfalls,gorge and sandstone cliffs. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a spot of fishing and take adip in the freshwaters swimming pools.

King George River

Explore the King George River which boasts thehighest twin falls in Western Australia.Marvel at thundering water plunging over red sandstonecliffs,ifyou arefeeling adventurous you can enjoy an invigorating freshwater shower as its base.

Koolama Bay

Visit theenrichedKoolamaBay(formerly known asRulhieresBay)where the 1942 MVKoolamabombing attack by Japanese air raids occurred.

Vansittart Bay

After ahelping of history andbreathtaking landscapes,its only fairthatyou enjoy some art and culturewith the oldest rockart inthe Kimberley regionatGwionGwionRock Art.

Mitchell River

This large river is fantastic forperfecting your fishing skillsof the elusive Barramundiand exploringfreshwatercreeks; youll likely spot a couple of crocodiles here too if you havent already onyour trip.Take an aerial view oftheimpressive waterfallsbyairforan unforgettable experience.

Swift Bay

Enjoy amorning oyster harvest on the exposed rocks if the tides are in your favourfollowed byexploring thecultural significance of Swift Bay that wasonce an important meeting place for the Indigenous people.

Bigge Island

BiggeIsland is the secondlargest island of theBonaparte Archipelago(afterAugustus Island). This historic sandstone island is surrounded by reef filled bays and is home to several endangered mammals like theMonjon.

Hunter River

If you didnt get a chance to perfect yourfishing skills at Mitchell River, you can try againhere,and the mangroves are home to juicymud crabs too.Enjoytheimpressiverockformation at the river mouth along withtwo waterfalls, which dropalmost90m.

Prince Regent River

At Prince Regent River, watch your private yachts bow manoeuvre directly under King Cascade Falls. Enjoy a refreshing cool down onthedeck orpartake in anexcursion climbing to the top of the falls for a freshwater swim.

Montgomery Reef

Located on the Southern Kimberley coast, you can explore the Montgomery Reef in by sea or takeascenic helicopter ride. Here you will see an array of wildlife such as manta rays, dugong, crocodiles and fish before enjoying a swim at Ruby Falls.

Horizontal Falls

David Attenborough once described this stunning waterfall as Australias most unusual natural wonder”.The name comes from the fast-moving tidal currents at Talbot Bay squeeze through two narrow gorges of the McLarty Range, forcefully pushing the water into rapid like formations which rush through the gaps at an astoundingpace, producing waterfalls turned on their side

Silica Beach

Located on Hidden Island, this pristine white sand beach is the perfect place for a swim. This is the only silica sand beach located on the Kimberley coast and it squelches beneath your feet.


The final stop onourrecommended itineraryfor the Kimberley Regionis Broome,where youshouldwatch the sunset over theIndian ocean and reflect on your amazing charter experience in Western Australia.


If you have time or enjoy being blown away by breathtaking scenery, swimming with exotic animals and relaxing on whitesand beaches, then exploring further along the west coast ofAustralia is for you.The beauty of travelling this vast landscapeona luxury yacht is thatyou get towake up to a differentsceneryevery morning. Our Broome to Perth route explores many beaches and reefs to enable you to make memories that will last a lifetime in your own country. With Ahoy Club offering over 100 luxury yachts in Australia, we will ensure it’s a trip of a lifetime.

Journey Overview of Broome to Perth

Best time to visit: November – May

Weather:25 33C

Ideal for: Action and adventure / Relax and unwind

Recommended length of stay: 10 – 14 days


Enjoya sunset camel ride along Cable Beachin Broome, sample a locally brewed mango beer atMatso’sBrewery,and visit the localmarkets.


Located 12 hours north of Perth and boasts incredible marine life, gorges and canyons.Take a walk toVlaminghHead Lighthouse, or relax on the pristine beach at Turquoise Bay.

Cape Range National Park

Enjoy spectacular views from the Thomas Carter lookout or visit the red limestone cliffs and deep blue waters ofYarkieCreek Gorge.

Coral Bay

This peacefulseaside townboasts beautiful white sand beaches andhome to the World Heritage-listedNingaloo Reef. Depending on the season, you will be able to swim with the gentle Whale Sharks or the worlds largest rays, the Manta Ray.If youre a turtle fan, make sure you visit between January to March when its hatching season for the large populations of green, hawksbill and flatback turtles.


With the majority of Western Australias seafood sourced fromCarnarvon, youmustindulgeyour taste budsin the local produce of prawns,scallops,and crab.

Monkey Mia

Continue your travels down the Coral Coast to Shark Bay and Monkey Mia. Dont worry, these beautiful spots arent named after their visitors; they are home totheBottlenose Dolphin. Already you will have captured manyinspiringphotographs on this holiday but make sure you leave spaceon your camerato capture the vibrant red sand meeting the white sand beaches.


If pink is your colour, make sure you have your camera fullycharged for a scenic flightover theKalbarri National Parkwhere you will have the best vantage point for viewing theLake Hillier (Pink Lake)and the Abrolhos Islands.This isalsothe perfect spot for fishing, whale watching (depending on theseason) surfing orhiking.


Blessed with beautiful beaches, a warm climateandonly a short cruise from the Abrolhos Islands, it is no wonder why Geraldton isamust-see stop on youritinerary. Onyour way to Perth,you can also stop off at Nambung National Park to see the spectacular Pinnacles. These natural limestone structures, standing five metres high, were formed over 25,000 years ago after the sea receded and left deposits of seashells.

Rottnest Island

Itwould notbe a trip to WA withoutgettingyour photograph with the happiest animal on earth, theQuokka. Thesephotogenic furry friendscan only be found onthebeautifulbeachesatRottnest Island.


The capital of Western Australiawhere you can relax at the end of your trip and soak up WAs beach lifestyle or sample world-class local wines.

Discovering Western Australia on a luxury yacht is ideal as you can sip cocktails on the deck or from the comfort of your jacuzzi and take in the vast landscapes that unfold before you.