Yacht Chartering in the Covid-19 Climate

Yacht charters offer the most private holiday experience – whether you are seeking a vacation or hosting an event. Chartering a yacht has always been a highly personalised and private experience therefore it’s now the perfect holiday experience during a COVID-19 climate as you have an entire yacht to yourself.

There is no doubt everyone is yearning for a break and chartering a yacht is the perfect escape – remember social distancing on yachts is very possible. Enjoy the fresh air by the sea in complete privacy and sterile environments with our updated charter recommendations. 

Yacht chartering gives you variety that no other holiday experience can. Enjoy a new destination every day, whether you are swapping the beach clubs to secluded bays only accessible by yacht or sailing into the horizon whilst enjoying a cocktail at the private bar; there’s no denying that yacht chartering in the ultimate holiday experience.

COVID-19 Cancellation Policies Worldwide

Many yachts are offering free cancellation or flexible postponements. Your Ahoy Club charter representative will advise your chosen yachts policies prior to booking.

Charters within Australia

Our Australian charter fleet can still cater for groups as large as 150 with social distancing. Guests are free to stand, mingle and enjoy a fun day out with friends, family or colleagues. Your Ahoy Club charter representative will let you know the updated cruising capacities for our Australian yachts.

COVID-19 Yacht Cleaning Measures

Professionally crewed yachts have always had rigorous cleaning protocols in place. So, the good news is, superior hygiene is second nature to them. Here are some of the measures that many of our yacht crews are taking around the world:

  • Compulsory check-in for anyone embarking the yacht to ensure effective tracing.
  • Regular wipe downs of all interior surfaces with disinfectant.
  • Daily external wash down of the yacht.
  • Deep clean between charters.
  • Masks are worn when provisioning for supplies.
  • Supplies unpacked on wharves to minimise personnel embarking the yacht.
  • Many crews are getting regular COVID tests before or in between charters.  
  • Sanitary stations at main entry/exit points around the vessel for both guests and crew.
  • Frequent health checks and log of all crew temperatures.
  • Yacht crews are spending as much time as possible at anchor or onboard their vessels, self-isolating.