Superyachts are perfect event venues

When you’re hosting clients, you want to make it memorable. Choosing a corporate yacht charter with Ahoy Club ensures you will receive impeccable service from beginning to end. Nothing is more memorable than an event held on a private luxury yacht, complete with an attentive crew, five-star catering and exceptional facilities. Whether it’s a small group of 20 or a function for 200, Ahoy Club have yachts available for any experience. 

A yacht for every event

Leave a lasting impression on your clients when you charter an Ahoy Club yacht. Whether you require a luxury yacht for corporate entertaining, a venue for an executive meeting, a product launch or even for a team-building day, hiring a yacht from Ahoy Club combines luxury, comfort, privacy and excellent service to help you execute the perfect event. With over 130 yachts to choose from in Australia and 4,000 further afield, we will advise on the perfect yacht to your requirements.

Experienced professional service

Ahoy Club has years of experience in managing all types of corporate events around the world. We understand the importance of matching the yacht to your event requirements. Our 24-hour team can assist with all your chartering requirements.

Unforgettable experiences

Whether you’re sailing across azure blue waters or marvelling at a gradient sunset, your corporate event will be as unique and memorable as you make it. Our team can design an itinerary or programme to suit your event style. Whether it’s yoga with our expert trainer Charlotte Dodson, a spot of yacht golf, clay shooting or Yum Cha; there is a package for everyone. Hiring a yacht for your next corporate event will not disappoint.

A private and personalised experience

Have you ever wished nobody interrupted your meetings? Chartering a yacht will solve that. Control who comes on board and the rest is smooth sailing because nobody will be able to interrupt you. If you wish to host a presentation, many of our yachts have projectors and entertainment screens, allowing you to present in complete privacy.

Each chartered yacht has a dedicated crew to ensure your every need is not only met but exceeded. We understand the importance of business and our expert team will ensure a seamless, professional service from beginning to end.

Ahoy Club Experiences

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