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How to Charter a Yacht

A private yacht charter is the ultimate holidaying experience, designed to match every single one of you and your guests’ preferences. Whether you are after a holiday filled with adventure or something more relaxed, rest assured chartering a yacht will cater to your exact needs. Whilst choosing the perfect yacht for hire might seem difficult, we are here to guide you through the must-knows of chartering a yacht.

Choose Your Charter Broker

When you decide to start planning your holiday on the water, the first question you may ask yourself is how will I charter a superyacht? Well, how to charter a superyacht is easy when you choose us at Ahoy Club to manage everything for you!

Whatever your requirements are, our experienced charter agents are at your disposal to advise you on choosing a yacht and a destination then we will create your bespoke itinerary based on your input in preferences. Yacht hire with Ahoy Club is easy, transparent and accessible so you can have fun throughout the entire booking process.   

Choose Your Destination

Different yachts are based in different parts of the world and move extensively during the summer, therefore one of the first steps to planning your charter holiday is choosing a destination.  Whether you are looking to explore secluded beaches and snorkel through the crystal clear waters in the Caribbean, swim with the famous Pigs in the Bahamas, island hop in Greece, experience the nightlife in the South of France or sip on an Aperol Spritz onboard your private yacht in Capri, chartering a superyacht provides a large range of possibilities waiting to be explored.  At Ahoy Club we have over 3600 yachts worldwide to choose from. Whether you are looking for a day charter or something longer, we have an abundance of yachts to choose from.

Decide on the Dynamics of Your Group

Is your holiday more family-oriented or are you planning some big celebrations with your closest friends? Or perhaps you’re interested in a day hire experience for the purpose of entertaining clients or holding a corporate event. The number of guests you are looking to bring on board will highly influence the vessel options at your disposal. Most yachts are only certified to carry up to 12 guests plus crew however there are special licenses yachts hold that can allow for more. Once you have decided on the number of guests and dynamics of your charter, let your charter agent know and they will provide the best solution to your needs.

Choose your Yacht

With the large selection of yachts for hire on the market, all offering fantastic amenities, great entertainment, luxury accommodation and highly professional crew it might be difficult to shortlist one vessel only! What you will need to take into consideration (with help from us) is what you and your group’s needs are. Whether it is sunbathing and port-hopping in the Mediterranean on a motor yacht, experiencing the sea’s true essence on a sailing yacht, discovering shallow waters and anchorages on a catamaran in the Caribbean or a unique expedition in Antarctica, there is a special vessel out there for any type of holiday. 

At Ahoy Club our charter team inspect many yachts year-round and have inside knowledge that will be helpful in your search for finding the perfect yacht charter. No matter what you are after, we can source it for you and make your dream holiday become a reality.

Choose Your Activities

Now that you have decided on a destination, group and type of yacht, it is time for the most exciting part of all: choose your charter activities. Are you a water-sports fanatic and do you picture yourself jet-skiing with your friends all day? We’ve got that covered as our yachts come with a wide range of water toys to keep you entertained all day long. Do you prefer more of a relaxing swim and a snorkel or perfecting your fishing skills? Say no more! Or perhaps you’re just looking to catch the sun, finish the book you’ve been meaning to for a while and admire the beautiful destinations you will cruise to on your luxury yacht? All you have to do is let your charter agent know what you have in mind and it will be arranged accordingly. We also have a Wellness Club that you can add onto your charter experience should you require some well-deserved R&R.

How Much to Charter a Superyacht?

Probably the most commonly asked question, how much does yacht charter cost?

In general, luxury yacht weekly rates include the vessel’s rental fee, crew and insurance of the vessel. Other expenses such as food, beverages, fuel, dockage and marina fees are paid separately and are included in what we call an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA), which equals 20-30% of the yacht’s base price. All remaining APA will be reimbursed to you at the end of the charter, or, if you have overspent, will be requiring a top-up.

Lastly, an expense to add on top is the VAT that the charterers are responsible for paying. This differs for each region but your account manager will explain all VAT costs upfront.  



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 It might seem like a daunting experience, but we promise you that chartering your first yacht will be a breeze, and it will more than likely leave you addicted to the experience of holidaying on the ocean. You are in very capable hands at Ahoy Club as our company ethos is built on service, backed by experience.