What time is the best to sail around Phuket
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What time is the best to sail around Phuket

A charter in Thailand will allow you to plunge into the world of magical beauty - bright and large flowers, spicy tastes and exquisite entertainment that await you at every turn. From golden, luxurious temples decorated with lotuses, to large sandy beaches, Thailand is multifaceted, diverse but beautiful in its own manifestation.

Phuket is an island city also called the "pearl of the Andaman coast." To be more precise, it is the capital of the island province of Thailand. At the same time, it is also one of the few places on Earth where a comfortable climate remains all year round. And yet, unlike other places in Thailand itself or, for example, in Vietnam - there is no rainy season.

In general, Thailand can provide sea-hikers with a year-round opportunity to take charter trips. The best time to rent a boat in Thailand though is between November and April. From May to October, in the ‘south-eastern’ season, the weather also remains favourable, bringing rain from time to time, alternating with extended sunny periods. The eastern side of Phuket is sheltered from rains and winds, making it possible for calm, leisurely cruises throughout the year.

The average temperature in Thailand is 30 degrees, and moderate winds blow from the northeast. The Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand are similar to each other in their calmness, and the ebbs and flows here are weak. The sandy bottom here is perfect for anchorage. Navigation will seem easy even for a novice sailor, and it is safe to say that during sea trips you will not be in trouble. Nevertheless, it will not be out of place to check weather forecasts during stops at marinas or via VHF communications.

Sights wise, the Andaman Sea at the shores of Phuket, is considered one of the oldest on the planet, and the local islands are almost the first pieces of land that appeared on the planet. Being exposed for millions of years to the effects of waves and wind, these rocks in the sea acquired bizarre pillar shapes on wave-washed bases – ‘legs’. In the rocks, many caves are a favourite refuge for bats and hippies from around the world. The intricate pattern of the islands is complemented by tropical thickets on the slopes and snow-white beaches of the finest sand near the water itself. Do you remember the flying mountains from James Cameron's Avatar? There are many like them.

Anchoring nearby, you can canoe through this natural labyrinth in different directions, through the caves, periodically emerging in the sunlight, breaking through the vines right above your head. The only obstacle to Koh Hong, as well as to James Bond Island, is the difficulty of local navigation. In some places, the depth reaches only one and a half meters, which perfectly affects the temperature of the water (about 30 degrees), but can damage the boat.

Charter yachts are available in the Eastern part of Phuket, closed from the waves of the Indian Ocean. There are only two marinas - Yacht Heaven and AO PO. The first is closer to the international airport, in the very North; the second is in the middle of the island. But it is more affordable in terms of prices, and there are several companies that rent yachts.

Chartering a yacht, one can go on a motor yacht to the islands of Phi Phi, Racha, Phang Nga Bay or in Krabi. On a speed boat in one day you can take a boat trip to the Similan Islands or the islands of Rock and Ha. When renting a sailing yacht for a day, only the islands of Racha or Phang Nga Bay are available.


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