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Enjoying your time on the water, whilst being friendly to the environment

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Ahoy Club’s Practices for Eco-Friendly Yacht Chartering

With access to thousands of yachts worldwide, it’s no surprise Ahoy Club has a great selection of eco-friendly yachts to choose from to provide guests with the satisfaction of chartering sustainably built and environmentally friendly vessels.

Sustainable Yacht Choices: Hybrid technology in the spotlight

Hybrid technology is now becoming popular in yachting, which translates in an increase of sustainable yachts coming to the charter market. Thanks to the advance in technology, it has made hybrid engines an affordable and effective option, with benefits including less noise from the engine, less fuel usage and lesser petrol fumes and carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.  If you weren’t sure how to go about planning your eco-holiday, this is the starting point.

Locally Sourced Produce

Local organic produce is always delightfully fresh and tasty. We recommend you let your chef plan your onboard meals with freshly picked ingredients that not only are healthier, eco-friendly and supportive of the local economies but also help reduce plastic packaging fabrication which overall results in less plastic waste. Did you know that on average, 16% of the price you pay on a product pays for packaging? Embrace the delicious produce each destination has to offer whilst also being supportive of eco-tourism.

Reducing Plastic Waste

Producing waste is unavoidable. However, it is up to us on how we manage what we use ashore and offshore to ensure we’re always looking out for the environment. Along with the rest of the world, a large number of eco-friendly yachts are pledging to go plastic-free and taking ownership of their yacht’s plastic footprint. This means limiting plastic use on board from straws and drink bottles to food wraps. Freshwater tanks and filtration systems are helping to reduce the use of plastic water bottles, while bamboo straws mean you can enjoy your mid-afternoon cocktail guilt-free.

Recycling and Use of Renewable Materials Onboard

To achieve sustainability in yachting, a whole range of factors must be aligned. In today’s day and age, superyachts can increase their sustainability through interior design and power sources. Solar panels, renewable materials, such as wood veneers and bamboo, and eco-friendly alternatives can all be used minimise the environmental impact of new-build yachts, whilst still providing the luxury aesthetics and characteristics expected to be found onboard a superyacht.

Eco-friendly and ethically cleaning products

The pollution imposed on our oceans is significantly increasing every year and while plastic waste makes up a big percentage of that, we shouldn’t forget the toxic chemicals used in yacht cleaning products that also play a role in it. Thankfully, technology has thoroughly evolved, and we now have plenty of access to cleaning products that are  biodegradable, highly performant and safe to use without having to worry about damaging our marine ecosystem.

Ahoy Club’s Initiative Towards Less Waste

The fight against producing waste starts in your own home – or in our case, in our offices. Ahoy Club is a big advocate for protecting the environment and promoting eco-friendly travel which can be found in our core values and practices. We have adopted the use of DocuSign E-Signature to reduce the constant need for printing charter contracts, mail and scans and therefore creating a chain reaction, with our clients and yacht owners adhering to it as well. We encourage all our staff and member yachts to invest their time into recycling on board and at our global offices. For sustainability to become achievable, we must all play our parts.

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