“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

One of the last true wilderness areas on earth, Antarctica is largely unchanged since the early explorers.

Gaze up at magnificent icebergs, explore islands guided by various species of penguins and explore the home to the world’s greatest concentration of wildlife.

Yachts in Antarctica


King George Island

Key Highlights:

  • The last true wilderness on earth – with approachable, stunning wildlife
  • A truly adventurous charter for dedicated sailors – a genuine experience
  • Bear witness to some of the most beautiful and least visited places on earth

Make sure you take an experienced guide to enhance your experience.

Insider Info:

Even in the height of summer you must use an ice-strengthened yacht – probably an Explorer or Expedition type. Your yacht will be at sea away from provisions for extended periods so must carry everything you need; food, fuel, drinks – and carry everything, including the waste, back out again.

Look for yachts with cosy features such as fireplaces, covered tenders and heated, sheltered Jacuzzis. Yachts typically have stabilisers that counter the roll of the sea.

More details:

Antarctica is the ultimate adventure destination for a superyacht charter. Wherever you rendezvous with your yacht, you are in for some serious sea-time in the Southern Ocean – but any rough water is well worth the reward. Antarctica; a huge continent of mountains, icy bays, volcanoes, glaciers and icebergs.

So few humans have visited here that the wildlife has no fear of Man. In the summer, beaches will be covered by seal rookeries as they come ashore to pup. The smell and cackle of penguins fills the air – the sharp exhalation of a whale alerts you to their presence.

An experienced captain will know the best anchorages in any conditions – and there are a few that are so sheltered it’s calm enough for you to kayak amongst the ice and rocky cliffs.

This may not be the ideal location for watersports – but there is plenty of activity to be had on land. The yacht’s tenders can whisk you ashore (where permitted) so you can hike and climb.

One famously calm anchorage is found at Deception Island - its excellent harbour is actually the crater of an active volcano – a unique superyacht experience!

There are just a few superyachts within the charter fleet that visit this pristine wilderness, but if you ever have the opportunity to discover this amazing continent, you have to take it?

Best time to visit:

The only time you can visit is during the short ‘summer’ from November to March when temperatures hover around and just below freezing. However, you will be at the mercy of the weather; storms and cold snaps may dictate the dates of your charter.


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