Indian Ocean & South East Asia

“One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Experience the stark contrast of peaceful temples and bustling cities, serene rice paddy fields and busy night markets, relaxing beaches and incredible street food. 

Yachts in Indian Ocean & South East Asia


Insider Info:

Yachts will often need specific licences to charter in many of these regions, so once you’ve decided on a location, ask that your chosen yacht has the relevant paperwork.

Although there are many high-class resorts on shore in many of these regions, they can be quite scattered – you will often rely on your yacht for all of your needs, especially in more remote areas.

Be sure you are completely happy with the facilities on your yacht, and make sure all preferences for provisions are detailed well in advance.

There will almost certainly not be the opportunity to pop ashore and grab your favourite wine or snack!

Key Highlights:

  • Enjoy tropical year-round heat and warm seas
  • Explore ancient cultures and wildlife-rich havens on land and under the sea
  • Experience some of the planet’s most vibrant and spicy cuisines

More details:

With more superyacht marinas being built alongside some fabulous on-shore resorts, the Indian Ocean and South East Asia is now firmly on the superyacht map. Having said that, there are still plenty of rarely-seen locations that only a boat can give you access to.

If you want real adventure, you can find it: Burma’s Mergui Archipelago is still largely uninhabited and full of wildlife, as are India’s Andaman Islands and some of the remote Indonesian island groups.

If you prefer to charter close to on-shore facilities, then Phuket in Thailand has some very lively nightlife and excellent local food – or head to Singapore for some serious shopping.

Keen divers will find paradise in the Red Sea, Indonesia and the Maldives; select a yacht with a dive master and compressor and go where you please… With warm turquoise seas, myriad empty coves and deserted beaches – a voyage in the Indian Ocean or Southeast Asia is your chance to make the most of a superyacht charter.

Best time to visit:

In general, the South West Monsoon predominates from April to October, the North East Monsoon from November until March – if you’re not familiar with the region it’s worth asking when and where to charter (e.g. the Andaman Sea coast of Thailand near Phuket is calm and at its best in December and January, whereas Koh Samui on the Gulf side is best in July and August.)

As this region lies within the tropics, temperatures are warm or hot (mid 20˚Cs to mid 30˚Cs) year-round and sea temperatures are pleasantly warm - in the mid-high 20˚Cs.

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