“The most beautiful thing in the world, is of course, the world itself.”

Have the wildest night of your life in Ibiza, relax in the quiet surroundings of Menorca, and enjoy the stunning scenery of Mallorca’s dramatic coastlines.

Yachts in Balearics





Key Highlights:

  • Enjoy seafood delicacies straight off the boat to portside restaurants 
  • Ibiza's wild summer club scene is the biggest in the world
  • Discover the Palm Cathedral in Mallorca

Insider Info:

A mixture of hippy markets and amazing restaurants, sandy beaches and old towns, the Balearics laidback lifestyle is sure to charm you and your family. 

Explore over 200 beaches in Mallorca, as well as mountains and caves. If you want a more luxurious holiday, check out the designer shops and luxury cliff-top retreats.

Mallorca’s little sister, Menorca, is a haven for the low-key traveller. With it's shallow coves and boho-chic crowd, lounge in gentle turquoise waters and relaxing beaches. 

There is no better nightlife than Ibiza, with summers full of famous DJs, all night raves and crazy parties. A clubbers paradise, Ibiza is surprisingly tranquil and quiet before the sun goes down with yoga retreats and hillside hamlets. 

Best time to visit:

For lots of sunshine and clear blue skies, visit the Balearics from June to September. 

If you want to avoid the crowds of sun-worshippers and party-goers of summer, travel in December. 


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