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Charter FAQs

When chartering a yacht, there are many questions that can arise. Let the experts at Ahoy Club handle your chartering enquiries for a stress-free and efficient process. With unrivalled access to over 3600 luxury yachts, we’re making private yacht charters an experience for everyone. As the world’s leading digital yacht charter platform, we’re here to show you how easy and affordable renting a yacht can be. Filter our luxury yachts by term chartering or day chartering, various budgets or type of yacht and find limitless luxury, endless experiences at your fingertips. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Yacht Chartering Costs

What costs are involved with chartering a yacht?

Generally, luxury yacht weekly rates include the vessel’s rental fee, crew and insurance of the vessel. All other running expenses such as food, beverages, fuel, dockage and marina fees must be paid separately and are included in what we call an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA). Additionally, the charterers are responsible for paying the VAT and local taxes. These differ for each region and range anywhere between 0 – 22% but your Ahoy Club Account Manager will advise you prior to booking.

What is APA?

The Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) is a lump sum payment that covers all of your onboard expenses during your yacht charters such as fuel, food, beverage, docking fees and communications. While your charter fees include the hire of the yacht, the crew and the yacht's insurance, all other expenses are in addition to the charter fee and these are APA costs. The APA is calculated as a percentage of your yacht charter fee, typically 30%. For more information, check out our blog article on APA.

Do I need to take out insurance?

General insurance is available on commercial yachts but it is recommended that charterers hold their own insurance such as and not limited to travel insurance, cancellation, curtailment, personal accident, medical personal effects and liability insurance.

What gratuity is expected?

It is customary for a charterer to leave a crew tip at the end of their charter according to their experience and level of satisfaction. Your Ahoy Club Manager will guide you through this, however, we encourage anything from 10-20%, depending factors include the size of the yacht, number of crew and of course overall service.


Frequently Asked Questions About Yacht Terminology

What is a Pullman?

A Pullman bed is a bed that pulls down from the ceiling or folds out from the wall of a cabin, allowing that cabin to sleep more guests. Generally advised for small kids.

What does Gross Tonnage mean?

Gross Tonnage (GT) is the measure of a ship's overall internal volume.

What is a supernumerary?

A supernumerary is a person in addition to the yacht’s crew however with no responsibilities onboard. Generally, supernumeraries can be guests’ employees such as nannies, personal trainers, videographers or even paramedics. Many yachts have supernumerary cabins so you can bring them on board with you during your charter.

What is a preference sheet?

A preference sheet is a detailed sheet were you provide information on your personal preferences relating to food, beverages, allergies or medical conditions and any other special requests you’d like us to organise in advance of your arrival on board. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Charter Experience

How to book your private yacht charter?

Simply submit an enquiry through our website or App and your dedicated Ahoy Club charter agent will look after all of your needs from there. 

Is there wifi on board?

Thanks to marine technology having evolved Wi-Fi is now a standard feature on all yachts for charter.

Are there toiletries onboard?

Your crew will ensure you will have the most luxurious toiletries and sunscreens available at your disposal throughout the whole charter however if you require to have a particular brand onboard you can let us know in advance and we will organise it.

Are animals allowed on board?

Every vessel has a different policy when it comes to allowing animals onboard.  If you’d like to bring your pet with you on your holiday, your designated charter agent will ensure they only propose vessels that have a flexible policy and have the owner’s agreement in advance of the charter commencing.

What water toys will be on board?

You can view all the toys and amenities that come included with a yacht inside their individual yacht details available through Ahoy Club’s charter page. If there are toys you wish to add to your desired yacht, then Ahoy Club can offer you rental options. In some circumstances, you may require a licence to operate a jetski but your Ahoy Club Account Manager can advise you every step of the way.

What activities can you do an Ahoy Yacht Charter?

Depending on how active or laid-back you want your charter to be, you can leave it to us to organize your charter activities. If you and your friends are water-sport fanatics we will ensure the crew has all the toys prepared for you.  Or, if you’d rather have relaxed swims or some fishing we will make sure you are taken to the best-hidden fishing and snorkelling spots. Perhaps you’re just looking to relax and unwind – regardless of your choice, we will arrange your activities accordingly.

What crew will be on board?

All Ahoy Club’s yachts are professionally crewed. The yacht size will determine the number of crew onboard during your charter but generally, a superyacht crew consists of a Captain, First mate, Chef, Chief Stewardess, Deck hand and Engineer. The number of each of these positions will vary with the size of the yacht.

When is the best time to charter a yacht?

Summer season

In general, the summer season starts sometime in April/May and finishes in October.  Within this period of time we would recommend you charter in the Mediterranean, Americas, South Pacific and Northern Europe.

Winter season

The winter season starts in late November when the majority of vessels travel to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Indian Ocean or Australia. Australia yacht charters are becoming increasingly popular and we pride ourselves on having the best selection of luxurious yachts in the area.

Can I choose my itinerary or is it predetermined?

Ahoy Club works collaboratively with every charter client to create their bespoke itinerary and unforgettable charter journey. Luxury yachting provides a large range of possibilities waiting to be explored. 

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