“Not all those who wander are lost.”

The greatest National Parks in the world, safari spotting the Big Five, and exploring diverse cultures.

Escape the influence of the modern age and escape to the least crowded beaches on the planet.

Yachts in Africa


The journey matters,
not the arrival

Key Highlights:

  • Gorgeous sandy beaches, towering cliffs, jungles and savannah all beckon
  • Dive with Great White Sharks, safari to spot the Big 5 and even find penguins
  • Cosmopolitan cities and wineries contrast with wild coastlines

Insider Info:

The seas around the tip of South Africa are famously treacherous; most charters will probably confine themselves to a relatively small area on either the Eastern or Western Capes.

Be wary on shore – it is not advisable to go anywhere alone or in small groups – use local guides and fixers to keep you safe.

More details:

South Africa contrasts with regular cruising destinations, meaning limited choice in superyachts – which is a shame as it has a lot to offer, so if a yacht is chartering in the area, make sure to consider it.

Cosmopolitan cities like Cape Town offer plentiful culture as well as some fantastic cuisine – and of course wines. No cruise is complete without a winery tour… Likewise, it would be a shame to venture here without heading out on safari in one of the Parks to encounter Africa’s big game.

Closer to the shore there is still plenty of excitement. Cold waters and seal breeding rookeries lure Great White Sharks – if you’re a keen diver you could even brave a cage dive.

Penguins nest on the shore and whales cruise nearby – South Africa is a great destination for wildlife lovers. Further north the temperature rises as beaches become more tropical and surfers can discover some exotic breaks.

Best time to visit:

Most of South Africa is tropical and warm year-round.

The area around Cape Town is more temperate with summer peaking in December/January.


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