Celebrate Your Wedding in Style on a Luxury Yacht

Plan your dream wedding on board one of Ahoy Club’s luxurious superyachts — the world’s best luxury wedding venues.

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Your Wedding Day

Whether you have 10 or 200 guests, Ahoy Club offers over 3500 yachts around the world to suit your every need. Whether you are dreaming of a Mediterranean style wedding or a white wedding in the Caribbean we have the perfect yacht for your wedding day.

Create lasting memories

We want your guests to remember, to talk about and to love every aspect of your special day. Choosing a superyacht as your wedding venue will certainly leave an everlasting impression on your guests. Nothing sets the mood better than the sound of champagne glasses clinking as you sailing across the sea towards the sun setting on the horizon.

Hassle-free planning

All our wedding yacht charters come with a crew that will be more than happy to ensure you have the best experience onboard.  Ahoy Club prides itself on a smooth sailing process for all wedding yacht charters. Simply use our website or app to find the perfect yacht for your wedding at the best price on the market.

Your wedding is more than just a day

The beauty of choosing a superyacht as your wedding venue is that you can sail off into the sunset and begin your honeymoon immediately. We offer over 3500 yachts available for day and term chartering, so you can say goodbye to your loved ones after a day of celebrations yet still enjoy all that a superyacht has to offer for your honeymoon.

Plan your perfect day

Ahoy Club work with reputable wedding planners around that world that can take care of all the details from the entertainment, to the décor and more! Ahoy Club’s 24/7 Concierge Team can assist you with every detail to ensure your day is as perfect as you imagined.

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